Sunday, October 30, 2011

Our Story

I kinda hate writing in a journal, and scrapbooking just gets tedious and time consuming..
So I had a brilliant idea: why not get with the times and start a blog!? 
Here's to documenting all the happenings of the Nelson clan!
I should probably start at the beginning: Jaren and I were set up on a blind date through my sister, Jill, who was Jaren's mom's visiting teaching companion. They set us up after months and months of plotting our future relationship as soon as he returned home from his mission on August 18, 2010. 
apparently on the exact same lake the right after he returned on August 20, 2010 from Chile! I was busy buckling up my wakeboard and lifejacket, while my family prepped the boat on the dock. I heard Jill holler "Hey Nelson's!" across the way at another boat, but had no idea my future husband was sitting in it! Or I might have at least turned around ;) Jaren doesn't remember seeing me either, but he WAS fresh off the mish and probably still afraid of girls. :)
It wasn't until December 29, 2010 that we finally made our schedules work to go on a blind date! I was living and working in Provo, UT at the time, and Jaren was going to school in Rexburg at BYU-Idaho. My sister, Alli, and Jaren's brother, Jentry, doubled with us. We went to Sammi's for dinner and played games. I remember thinking Jaren was super cute, smart, funny, and as I told my mom, "G.A. (general authority) material!" We had so much fun! And continued to be friends until about March 2011 when we finally decided we were falling for each other! We starting deliberately making trips back and forth on the weekends to see each other and were starting to think this may be the real deal.
In April, Jaren met up with my family while on vacation in Las Vegas. He was on his way out to California to sell pest control for the whole Summer! I wasn't excited about it, and was nervous to get in a serious relationship with him. We had so much fun in Vegas and I loved seeing Jaren interact with my family. We saw Le Rev and Donnie and Marie! I knew it was going to be one long summer without him.
But luckily, our distance didn't last long :) I went out to Sacramento with Jeni, Jaren's sister who was also dating Cameron, Jaren's friend and roommate, at the time. We missed our boys and wanted to explore Cali. We went to Six Flags, site seeing, and even... RING shopping! Things were moving fast, and we liked it!
As the summer dragged on, distance made our hearts grow fonder. Jaren returned to Idaho for a visit in July and he popped the question that weekend at my family reunion on July 31, 2011. I said "oh babe!" but then I said, "YES!"
Plans were made, and we were married on October 21, 2012 in the Idaho Falls Temple!
Best day of our lives. We were lucky enough to have THEE most perfect weather on our wedding day. In Idaho? In October?? Unheard of! But really the leaves were gorgeous and not a trace of wind in sight. Our sealing was beautiful by a family friend, who praised us for our decision to marry and gave us good advice for our future. I cried and pretty much ruined my make up! We were surrounded by all our friends and family and NO ONE could wipe the smiles off our faces! 
It was a perfect day. 
Now.. 6 whole months later... we are simply two peas in a pod and couldn't be happier. Jaren is a full-time BYU Cougar majoring in Health Science/Pre-Dental and I am working at BYU as an Academic Advisor for Sociology/Psychology students. We love that we get to meet up for lunch every single day! Life in Provo is so fun and we love our ward, neighbors, and all things BYU!!!
Here's a little recap on marriage so far. Can't wait to see what's to come!