Wednesday, July 18, 2012

the love bikes

Best husband. I hope he knows how much his wifey loves him. As a wedding present, we were given a little green "love journal" with a note taped to the inside explaining the gift. You write a message to your spouse, then leave it by their bedside; so simple. It's really exciting to walk into the room to see the journal on MY nightstand! Jaren is really good at this, and I miss him.
It's been a long summer. Between the 344 miles apart, cars breaking down, and skin cancer, we are ready for summer to be over. Naturally, I live for those little love notes from the Mister. I prayed long and hard for him to come into my life, and he has made a dramatic entrance. It's been 9 months since we were sealed for eternity. Trials have come our way. But Jaren as been a constant, and I'm so grateful. 
What he doesn't know, is that I took a picture of HIS love note to me :)
Great news - he's coming this weekend! To stay for a few short days. I've been staying busy: more sewing, working, primary singing, and recently - bike riding! What's better than collecting an old student bike from an apt complex about to donate it? Twice?! I paid $10 total for two bike locks so that jar and I could go for a sunday bike ride when he gets home. Big thanks to my friend meg and her handy husband for greasing them up and transporting them for us :) Both bikes are girl-bikes. At least his isn't the shiney purple beach cruiser :) I sent him a picture and he said, "You're gonna eat my dust on that thing." He's probably right :) These bikes were meant for each other ;)

Sunday, July 8, 2012

My Sweetheart is the sweetest :) (by Jaren)

So since Day 1 of the creation of this blog, I have been continually reminded that I can also update and post things on here. Today seems to be a good day to put my two cents into our little family's blog.  These past few weeks have been great having my darling wife in Vegas with me. Coming home to her, along with wonderful, home cooked meals made by my Kass has been so fun. I think that she has really liked having the time to go to her favorite classes at the gym, experimenting with new recipes, and sewing.
One thing that we have not really been able to experience in our relationship is having a summer together. Last summer I was in Sacramento and we were only able to enjoy a few weekends together. This year, Kassie was able to get a month off of work to come down and be with me. These past few weeks have been great having my darling wife in Vegas. Coming home to her, along with wonderful, home cooked meals made by my Kass has been so fun. I think that she has really liked having the time to go to her favorite classes at the gym, experimenting with new recipes, doing some reading, and breaking out the sewing machine (I still haven't succeeded in convincing her to make me a 'onesie'... maybe for Christmas). We have enjoyed going to the strip for some shopping, a surprise concert to see Celine Dion, going out on the strip or watching movies when I get home, and having yummy Otter Pops. We have gotten really good at some of our favorite card games which include Phase 10 Masters, Golf, and Five Crowns. Bottom line, it has been so much fun having her with me.
But, like all other good thing, they must eventually come to an end. Today, my sweetheart had to drive back to Provo to be back for work. The picture above is a little note she wrote for me that I found on Thursday after getting back from work. The top "thanks" was written right before she left I'm guessing because I saw it after she had already headed for home. She is such a doll and truly is a queen in my eyes. I love her so much and cannot wait to see and be with her again!!!

Saturday, July 7, 2012


Our first July 4th was so fun! That morning, we found an awesome mall about 3 miles from us called Town Square. It reminded me of Riverwoods in Provo - nice and clean!! Rare for Vegas. I'll definitely be back :) Jaren even let me get some great sale stuff at H&M and picked out a way cute shirt for me, haha. He's so fun to take shopping. He must have been feeling guilty for his big golf clubs purchase last week...
Then we grabbed a bite to eat at Chile's and decided we would just head over to the strip and try to find something to do that night. LITTLE DID I KNOW that Jaren already had plans of his own. We have been talking about going to a show all month, but we didn't want to see a Cirque De Soleil because we've seen something like that just last year along with the Donnie and Marie show with my family. They were incredible shows and definitely my favorite part about Las Vegas. If I had it my way, every LV vacation would be spent in the theaters. The Cirque shows are AMAZING, but expensive, and really.. once you see one, you've seen 'em all.
I've had my eyes on ONE billboard for past 4 weeks: Celine.
Jaren knew it. With our final days together coming to a close, I was trying not to get my hopes up. I was just happy to be here and would follow jaren anywhere. So that night, he suggested we park at Caesar's Palace and walk around and maybe catch a water show at the Bellagio nearby (our make-shift fireworks). We walked into Ceasar's right next to the box office, so we decided to go take a look just to see how much tickets were for Celine. It looked like a show was about to start! I was soo jealous of all the people going into the Colosseum theatre. I was daydreaming so much I didn't even notice jar walking up to the ticket-takers. He was like... "let's just go in here and see how much tickets are."I was pulling his arm and telling him that there was no way they'd let us through without tickets. DUH. He didn't listen to me and we went through security. I was getting worried they'd kick us out so I just tried to be discrete. 
Then BAM. He whips two tickets out of his wallet.
My eyes opened so wide and my jaw, even wider. I just stared at jaren, then I started laughing so hard. Then I cried. Then we went up a *few* escalators to our seats, haha. They weren't the closest, but it was just right! I kept asking him how much he spent and how he did this and when he bought them. I was in heaven. I had absolutely no idea this was coming!!! He is getting soo good at surprising me. I was grinning from ear to ear the whole show. She is such a strong, amazing singer!!! She did all my favorites: I'm Your Lady, Beauty and the Beast, even Open Arms and that one by Adel, Rollin' in the Deep (which was WAY better when she sang it). She did that thing that happens at every concert when the performers leave and it stays dark, and everyone chants ENCORE! Jaren leaned over to me and said, "She better come back and sing Titanic. That's the only one I know!" hahaha. Sure enough.... he was right! It was so cool. SO COOL. 
We made a few stops on the way back to our car... (notice he's "playing" all by himself). And I had to get a pic with Tiffany's! We matched. 
Jaren is so thoughtful and LIVES for surprising me. I'm so lucky to have him. He spoils me rotten! 
Better watch out, jar. I'm gonna get you back! ;)