Saturday, July 4, 2015

4th of July

Feeling really blessed to live in the country with my perfect little family. 

Friday, July 3, 2015

10 Months Old! Jul 3

10 months:
- 6.6 ate chicken and corn and bananas and karriannes!!! Gonna throw this kid a food party 
- sits and plays in tub tub all by himself! 
- reaches/whines for mom?!
- waves. Sometimes it's 10 seconds or so after you tell him to, but he does it!
- climbs stairs! Can't go down 
- points! and it's the cutest thing ever 
- 6.19 pulled himself up to this tippy toes in the media center trying to snatch the remote!!
- loved playing in the pool our backyard today! Splashing everywhere 
- during my piano lesson, he crawled over pulled himself up and started playing the keys on the high end of the piano 
- dances!
- officially has 8 teeth as of June 28
- Always lays his head on my shoulder now when I sing him I Am Child of God before bed or naps... HEAVEN!!
- 6.29 does this thing where if dad beats up on me and I scream, he crawls over and finished the job by devouring me anywhere he can bite and then laughs about it. Poor mom! 
- sorta almost finally drank out of his yellow sippy!! Hallelujah!!!
- loves crawling through small spaces... like between the wall and the couch. haha
He'll be ONE in 2 months!?!?!? HOWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!? Gosh we love this kiddo.
YAY! He's hating that bouncer these days!! haha He puts up with my picture fetish.