Sunday, October 21, 2012

Numero Uno

One whole year??!!?? 
Where has the time gone. It seems like just yesterday that we were sealed in the temple on the most beautiful fall day. This is extremely sappy, but I can honestly say that he has made me the happiest girl on earth! How I got so lucky, I'll never know.
Jaren is constantly finding little and big ways to surprise me. I love it! And he knows it. So.. I volunteered to be in charge of our anniversary. I got him in the car (with his bags in the trunk!) and gave him driving directions. We ended up in Park City at the Waldorf Astoria!!! It was so fancy and elegant and we were treated like royalty. Thanks, mom, for helping me pull it off ;) Our room was amAzing. The beds were heaven. Notice the TV in the bathroom? The first thing Jaren did was lock himself in there, turn on Sports Center, and do some paperwork.
It was so fun walking around main street together in search of the perfect restaurant. We didn't make it too far before stopping by my fav place ever - The Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. We bought a strawberry cheesecake caramel apple (and some rock candy) to save for later (It was DE.VINE). Finally, we settled on a BBQ restaurant called Bandits. Ever since I got home from nashville, I have been craving some good ol' southern BBQ! And this place was pretty yummy.
I love you, Jaren! Can't wait for many, many more years to come!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

we heart weekends!

We love being together. We went to the BYU and Jazz games!We also made some yummy P90X Pancakes with strawberries, MMM! Plus we fit in a little of jaren's second love... GOLFING. It was soo pretty. I may have been a little distracted taking pics/videos. He was trying to beat the sun so we were running all over the course trying to finish. He finally had to tell me to put away the camera. He loves me ;) 

Thursday, October 11, 2012


SO.... what a random day. 10-11-12. HOWEVER, my favorite mother-in-law reminded me that I needed to post something! I think she was just looking for an update from us :)
Here is some randomness to go along with 10-11-12!!!
Us at a lake somewhere in Utah.. Jaren chasing a loose chicken around our apt.. A sideways picture of a boy and his dog...Alvin's sweet team pic! It was so fun having her stay with us this weekend :) (even though we had zero groceries. my bad)...A 3 generation mish comp pic! Jaren is the grandpa at the reunion... Lucky Jaren and Tondevold got to go golfing with their mission president!!... A WAY cool pic of elder jentch in chile! We miss him.... And little livvers and her cute purple cast and adorable red skinnys and cute little pose...and finally, the cutest random-ess, precious face you'll ever see. Remmy Pearl.
Happy 10-11-12!!!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Home of Country Music

Nashville! So amazing. I'm so grateful to my employer for letting me go, it was definitely an opportunity of a lifetime! And I LOVE country music!! I had my own room in the Gaylord Opryland! Hotel. My view from the balcony went out to the atrium!
And... I promised I worked, too :) Our conference was for advising professionals from all over the nation. Three other co-workers and I went to a few sessions per day, but then tried to site see a little. They were interesting, but NOTHING compared to the city.
We went to this local dive called the Scoreboard where we sat outside on a porch and listened to live country entertainment from rising stars :) the hot chicken was DELISH and I was thinking of Jaren the whole time! He loves his fried chicken.
On friday night, we went to the FAMOUS Grand Ole Opry - I was in HEAVEN. They had a whole bunch of 90+ year old singers who are inducted into the Hall of Fame. They were hilarious, especially Little Jimmy Dickens: "The other day I went to the doctor because my ear hurt. The doc pulled out a suppository! I said, 'So THAT's what I did with my hearing aid!" ... I was dying.
Then... Rodney Atkins came on stage! He was so dreamy. They even let people come right up to the stage to take pictures. He was awesome! My coworkers were teasing me for acting like a star-struck teenager. hehe.
We also went downtown where there is a honkytonk in almost every business. It was in the middle of the day and there were TONS of singers and bands just trying to make it big. Pretty cool. AND I got some pictures along the walk of fame. It was a great trip, but I was so glad to come home!

Saturday, October 6, 2012


The church is so true. There is a God who loves us and knows us.
I have been blessed to be able to come to Nashville for a work conference, and I am loving it. However, I am missing the chance to feast upon modern revelation with my family. I always look forward to this time twice a year - eating yummy food and relaxing together. As I get older, I've come to appreciate the apostles' words much more.
I have been attending work sessions all day and am just now sitting at a hotspot In the Gaylord Opryland Hotel where I get the best service. :) I'm looking out a huge window at the vast Tennessee sky where the sun is just setting. I love when the clouds look like this! It's as if the windows of heaven are opened and reminds me of the second coming picture of Christ.
Thankfully, we have modern technology (my new phone!) that lets us listen to conference whenever and wherever we are! Listening to President Monson announce the new revelation for 18 year old men and 19 year old women serving missions, I cant help but well up with tears of joy. I'm sure people passing by are wondering why my eyes are glistening.
I am overcome with the Spirit. It touches my heart that such a grand announcement was made and that it was direct modern revelation from on high. How blessed we are!! There are a lot of people here from all over the country who do not have the same knowledge that I do. Sometimes, I wonder what I did in heaven to be born in the covenant to such a great family.
I know this gospel is true and that our prophet receives revelation directly from our Heavenly Father. He does know and love us. And he knows and loves me.