Wednesday, March 4, 2015

6 Months Old! Mar 3

 HOW!! WHY!?! WHEN!!!!?!???? That just may have been the speediest six months of my entire life. He is getting so gigantic and just plain FUN! 

Here are some highlights of the past month: 
- He sits up! Pretty well. We still put a pillow fence around him, just in case. 
- He has 4 teeth!!! The fourth is just BARELY popping through, so I'm counting it. I LOVE his toothy little grin. 
- Eats rice cereal and almost every kind of veggie. We feed him once a day, right before bed and he is such a little piggy!!! I'm sure he's gonna LOVE fruits. Still eats every 3 hours during the day. He is SOO interested in whatever we are eating. The other day, I was eating a chik fila cookie (that I was saving so I could eat it all to myself) and Crew was glued to every move I made with that thing. He started to smile get all excited with every bite I took. Then, I finished off the very last morsel and guess what?? Crew cried!!!! Yeah, that's how I feel about the last bite of cookie too, bud. It was SOOO sad. I can't even eat food in front of him anymore. 
- Goes down for bed around 8 ish (Perfectly timed so I can be to Zumba by 8:30) and USUALLY sleeps all night till 8 am!
- Knows how to throw down his car seat cover now when you put it over his head. hahaha
- I think he's gonna be a huge tease, just like his dad. He will egg us on to tickle him or play with him more. 
- We finally have a church routine (I think) for our 11:00 am block. His dad and I are a good team!! I feed him around 10, we try to keep him awake and playing during sac mtg, and then we put him in his carseat (under the table and covered) to sleep so we can teach our sunday school class, then Jaren takes him to priesthood till he starts to fuss, then he texts me and we meet in the hall so I can go feed him. I usually even make it to the last 15 minutes of relief society! Victory. It's all about the ROUTINE!!!!! Why is church so hard!?!?
- Sometimes, he gets slap happy at night and giggles so much!
- Still doesn't roll from back to tummy... he hates his tummy! But we're working on it. 
- Likes the pups/kitties more and more
- He has a cute little sing-song voice. He especially does it when he's in the car, SOOO CUTE. 
- Strangers notice his dark eyelashes first thing! He's such a toe-head so I think that's funny. 
- Loves to paw at everything he can. It's hilarious. ANNNNDDD it begins!
- Crew LOVES his Daddy!!!! He gets so excited when he comes home from work. Melts ma heart. 
- He starts to fuss when you take him up the stairs.. like he knows it's nap time, so funny. 
- OOOh he started grabbing necklaces. Darn. And hair!
- He had his very first sickness/cough :( so sad. His hoarse little voice is adorable, though. The doctor says it's not in his chest and he doesn't have a fever so we'll just keep watching it.  
- 99 percentile for height, 72 for weight (18.5 lbs), and 72 for head. Jaren says that's perfect for sports --- tall but not too fat. hehe
- He now knows me and even reaches for me! He starts to cry for no reason when I enter the room. I love/hate it. 
I LOVE LOVE LOVE this phase!!! But I'll probably say that again :) 
 Me and 6 months! We are really starting to look alike!
Gosh. Now I wanna go wake him up from his nap so I can kiss his chunky cheeks and squish his yummy thighs. BUTTTT I won't. :)