Sunday, June 9, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend

 Idaho for mem day weekend was MUCH needed! It was awesome. I finally got a new camera! So in love. This will explain the millions of pics to come.
That friday night that we arrived was Mindi's baby shower! It was themed as a "Book Shower" and everyone brought a children's book to help build the new baby library! Such a good idea.. I had fun testing out my new camera... :)
Like I promised, we DID do a little four-wheeling! My parents are so close now to Kelly's Canyon, so we just ran up there and rode around for a while. It was fun! Definitely one of my fave things to do. Then we had some fun in the pond! We had never done this without Tater, and the raft blew off the ranger. We laughed REALLY hard and then put it back on.
I loved trying our my camera skills on Remmy. She's too dang cute! On Sunday... we had homemade Cafe Rio salads for dinner! SO YUMM! One morning, I got up early and took pics around the house outside and of mom's pretty flowers. I LOVE hearing the water in the backyard, and being somewhere that doesn't have sirens or cars zooming by! I love Idaho!