Sunday, May 3, 2015

8 Months Old! May 3

8 months. 8 months. 8 MONTHS!!!
Well, here's the update: WE'RE STILL IN LOVE WITH THIS LITTLE GUY!!!
But you already knew that, so let's move on to the good stuff!
- 4.9 Clapped on command!
- 4.11 First haircut! Just in time for Jentry and Kaylee's wedding. He was starting to sport a mullet!
- 4.13 Tried puffs for the first time... meh.
- 4.14 He can spin while sitting!!
- 4.16 Back to belly roll both ways!! He's mobile!
- Sticks his fingers up my nose while he was nursing and laughs hahaha TEASE.
- 4.20 Officially rolling around too much and making it hard to put himself to sleep!!
- Lifts his legs up and drops them to either side and rolls. That's how he gets around!
- Crew loves the kitties, he's obsessed! They follow us when we go for walks. Oliver even got in the stroller one day! When we go to Utah, crew has a hard time seeing the black puppies, so Tanner has to be a cat and we say "here, kitty kitty!!" hahah
- Some people think he's a girl cuz of his eyelashes. They are soo dark and long.
- One day while shopping, an old lady commented on how cute he was in the stroller. Then she wondered aloud to herself if it was a boy or girl then exclaimed... "Oh! I could tell it was a boy from his balls!!" UM.. excuse me? I just smiled and then she walked away and I was like WHAT!!?? Then I looked down to make sure his "balls" weren't showing, and realized that she was talking about his blanket!! That had sports balls on it!!! oh gosh. Some people.
- 4.27.15 he sat up from his belly in his crib and we had to lower it to the second notch!
- 4.29 First ranger ride... he loved it when I was 8 months pregnant and now he loves it 8 months old!
- He's starting to become aware of his surroundings.. sometimes he tries to pinch me after he nurses!?
- Hates all sippy cups but likes to gargle the water. I have to feed it to him like a hamster with a straw. We'll keep trying lots of different types of cups!
- 5-3 said "Dada" over and over again. But I don't think he knows what he's saying, haha.
- For about a week straight, he would fall asleep sitting up in his crib! I would find him folded over with his face flat on the ground. What a nut!!! It would scare me so bad. I thought he legs were probably asleep. Luckily, he got over it fast.
- One night, I had the worst nightmare about Crew! I couldn't even tell you what it was about now. I just remember waking up really scared and worried about him. SO worried, in fact, that I went and woke him up so I could hold him!! He's just about the best thing to ever happen to his dad and I. We think he is THEEEE cutest sleeper EVER and love playing and teasing him. We are loving this age!!!
He's getting too big for these pictures, haha. Also, can we get ANY chubbier!?!?! LOVE IT.