Thursday, January 23, 2014


 This is the year! We probably say that about every year... but I have a feeling this year with definitely be the best by far. Jaren will graduate in just THREE (that's right.. 3!) short months and then we'll move on to bigger and better things. Hopefully :) We're kinda D.U.N with being poor college students and are ready to see where life takes us.
Here are some things that have been going on in 2014 so far: Jaren set up our NEW media center! Thanks mom and dad, we LOVE it! A new year = new year's resolutions = working out. Jaren's been trying out very advanced yoga poses. They are perfection. ;) And... I've been doing lots of Zumba. We've been teaching for some young women groups lately. They are thee MOST fun! This is our regular Thursday night class. I'm in the blue pants!
One Saturday night, Jeff and Janna came to Provo for a family friend's reception. We begged them to bring the pups, and they DID! So we invited all our neighbor friends and their kids over to see them. The pups were a HUGE hit and some of our friends even offered to dog-sit while we went to the reception!
On the 17th, we went to IDAHO for the long Martin Luther King day weekend. We got to see Easty play bball! It was hilarious. And my good friend and old roommate, Makayla, got married on the 18th! She looked beautiful and I loved catching up with my high school friends! BFFs for life.
And on Sunday, after church, there were big football games on so we had ALL the fam dam over for food and our fav game, Mexican train! We loved playing with our nieces and nephew. Callie was even crawling for us and laughing so much at Livvie and Remmy. We stopped by to see the pups in SLC on the way home. Tanner was sporting his new haircut and has warmed up to the pups!