Monday, November 3, 2014

2 Months Old! Nov 3

I blinked and just like that.. he's already two months old!!! I wish blogger had emojis. 
He is so much fun and slowly starting to sleep more. I love his little bird belly he's getting. He's stealing hearts left and right with his little bald head, pouty lips, and ginormous feet. His dad and I are officially obsessed! He's not quite as fragile and it just feels natural to love on him 24/7. 
Crew is such a chill little baby. He loves to hang out on his back on the floor and inspect the door frames, trim, can lights, wall paint, etc. It's hilarious. We're convinced he'll grow up to be an architect :) I just love that he is so content hanging out on the ground while I get to shower, or eat, or just give my poor back a break! He is SURE getting porky but we LOVE it. He went to size 2 diapers at 2 months old!! I've always wanted a chubby baby, and he is WELL on his way there. 
He really smiled for the first time at about 5 weeks old. I thought it was thee cutest thing I had ever seen. 
He LOVED shopping with his Aunt Jeni and cousin Callie! He likes wearing black nike socks to church... just like Dad. Grandma Furniss LOVES little Crewzer. She gives him almost as many kisses as I do. He still has a HUGE drinking problem... #milkdrunk. And I LOVE dressing this boy! It's way more fun than I thought it would be. He is SO alert and loves new sounds. 
One Sunday afternoon, he was being SO cute and smiley.. we caught it on video... but Alli caught US on camera too! Can't get enough of those big smiles! Mom and dad were working hard for them on 10-26-14.
One night... I needed some space for just 10 minutes! Jaren has been quite masterful at getting him to sleep when I'm at my breaking point. The next morning, I found his huge footprints embedded in the carpet. FUNNY!
Oh and he's having lots of blow outs!!! One time, he had one IN OUR BED! Big no-no. He doesn't lay by us anymore. And he always has them in the middle of sacrament meeting. Always. Maybe its the organ music or something... so relaxing. This pic of one may just be the worst I've seen.
Not a big fan of tummy time... but still so cute. Livvie LOVES Crew. She always kisses him and tries to pick him up. She always says that she wants him to stay little and cute forever and ever. I have to really watch her cuz sometimes she'll just pick him up! And he's almost as big as she is!
Crew reminds me so much of Jaren... especially when they both make the exact same faces. 
At his 2 month check up he weighed 12 lb. 15 oz. He's 65% for weight and 85% for height. Way to go, buddy! He also coo'd and goo-goo'd at the docs and nurses through his whole appointment. So much that I actually couldn't even hear what they were saying and they had to keep repeating 
themselves. Ahh I was dying, so adorable. He is a cutie. I think we'll keep him.