Saturday, January 3, 2015

4 Months Old! Jan 3

Crewzer is getting HUGE! At his 4 mo appt he weighed 17 lbs! He's in the 85th for weight AND height. The doc said since he was "fairly healthy" (while patting his tummy), we don't need to start solids yet. 
Here are a few highlights from the past month: 
- Still loves playing on his back, but now recognizes when no one is there :( So now he likes company!
- Loves it when you to make him eat his toes. 
- However, when you push his legs up, he FARTS! Every time. And they're super stinky.
- He had his 4 month shots and took em like a champ
- Social little baby! Smiles at everyone, even strangers. 
- Dec 30, started to show signs of teething! Slight fever, red cheeks, kinda cranky... the whole bit! What happened to may angel baby!? Poor guy. 
- He now sleeps from about 9:30 PM to 8 AM, getting up once around 3:30 AM to eat. Mom's not complaining! However, next month we'll start sleep training so he learns to self sooth :) 
- People are saying he's starting to look more like his Mamma
- Loves scratching the couch, or tugging on my shirt while nursing
- He also started grabbing himself when I change his diaper! Boys, sheesh.
- He also went to his FIRST movie in the theatre! The movie was Alexander and the No Good, Very Bad Day. He was SO good! I just let him nurse as long as he wanted, then he loved watching the screen, especially when the animals came on. 
- Still has that crooked little smile that melts you heart!!!
 Exercising our legs together.
 My friends' babies! Crew is a stud.
He's the sweetest!