Thursday, August 15, 2013

Girls' Annual Shopping Trip!

 It's that time again  - back to school shopping with my mom and sisters! Every year, these all-girls trips are becoming more and more precious to me. I love spending time with my best friends to just laugh, eat, shop, and eat some more. We definitely know how to have a good time! Obviously, I cannot post about EVERYTHING that went on and EVERYTHING we talked about. There's an unspoken, unwritten rule to never share what REALLY goes on during these quick 4 days, but here's a little glimpse of our Annual Furniss Girls' Shopping Trip!
Remmy was an ANGEL the entire weekend. Sat right down there in her stroller and I think we even forgot she was there half the time. Just give that baby her paci and woogie and she's is good to go!
Livv at H and M: She is SUCH a shopper! Definitely one of the girls. She was like a kid in a candy store watching the dude ring up all her new school clothes.  Livvie made sure that we went to Build a Bear. Both girls were in HEAVEN.
Don't worry, we also shopped for us big girls, too. A LOT. Dad bought us swimming suits. We sent him a picture to tell thank him. :) Throughout all the years, dad has been a trooper to let us spend a little of his money now and then! LOVE you DAD! We also never went hungry... A girl's gotta eat, right? RIGHT!? `We LOVE Cheesecake factory! I highly recommend the Asian or Mexican Lettuce Wraps. MMM!
We also had a lot of fun at our condo. Things got a little wedgie-ful, if ya know what I mean. And it wouldn't be our girls trip without a diaper-in-the-bed prank. And we made it to Music and the Spoken Word! My recently new fav place to be on Sunday morning! We also made it to the Parade of Homes! Check out this cottage/mansion. We love looking at houses! Special thanks to the hubby for letting me spend a little mula. I live for that time with my sisters and mom! Thanks for another successful girls trip. Woot!

Monday, August 12, 2013

We love our neighbors!

We have GREAT neighbors! We love our summer evenings with them.
Some of our fav friends, the LaCheminants, are moving to Ohio! :( So we had a farewell dessert night under our big, shady tree by the complex. The Springers, Daniels, Hobbs, Bishoffs, and Murphy's were there too! They are an older couple. She is finishing her degree at BYU, so they're students just like us :) After we took our own picture, Jaren said, "The wind must have blown up my collar." He loves taking ganster pics. Love these nights. Summer, please never leave us!

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Vacay to Ririe, Idaho

I needed to take some time off for work, so I decided to take a vacation to RIRIE, ID (duh)! I got a NEW DOO right when I got there! It was time. I cut about 4 inches. I was SOOO nervous that Jaren wouldn't like it. He specifically said, don't go short and no bangs. Whoops! ;) Good thing he likes it. Look at all that hair on the floor!
Jaren met me a few days after I got there and we had a BLAST hanging out with the fam. Pioneer Celebration at my parents' stake! And..... we took some Family Pics! Out by the pond. My hair looks weird. 
Then, we headed up to Island Park to spend time at Gma B's cabin! We haven't been there since before we were married. Back then, Jaren had to sleep in the garage, on a hammock, with the spiders. Haha sure glad we're married now :) We caught a show at the Playmill which has become a summer tradition and definitely one of my favorite things to do. It started raining when we got to the lake. So we met up with the four-wheeling clan to have a picnic and take a little hike down to the dam.
Then, my camera died. I was SOO mad because the four-wheeling clan met us by the side of the lake and Carlos and Tate decided to go wakeboarding - Jeans and all! So they cowboy'd off the tailgate of the ranger. Can you say redneck!? Carlos fell once, but tate managed not to get wet above the knees! He just glided right back to the ranger on the beach when he was done. Pretty impressive! 
We came home on saturday night so we could make it to church. My mom was trying to use her fancy oven on Sunday, and pushed a few too many buttons. It said *Sabbath* and locked her out of using any of the other functions! Guess no cooking on Sunday :) we thought it was pretty funny. Then Jaren took a look at it and fixed the oven so we could cook dinner. On the Sabbath. 
LOVE vacationing in ID and can't wait to go back ;)