Thursday, May 15, 2014


We left our awesome friends, neighbors, ward, and our very first apartment in Provo! AND we left Jaren's parents and the pups in SLC. Bittersweet. But we are excited and looking forward to living in good ol' Idaho! We love living with my parents in Rigby, but will probably move to Rexburg before the baby comes this summer. I'm already pretty anxious to get everything settled before he arrives!
We spent a lot of time with our BFF's, Holly and Koltyn, before we left P-town. We plan on taking lots of vacations and camping trips with them and our kiddos in the future. We made some lasting, true friendships while at BYU, and we are SO grateful that we had such great experiences in Utah. It's the only place we've known as a married couple, and we went through a lot in those 2 1/2 years!
Jaren has already started working with my dad and bro-in-law, Carlos. He likes what he's learned so far, and has even taken a few business trips to Boise. He's excited to start his career as an Insurance Agent in Southeast Idaho! He had another great full-time offer in Provo to work for a competitive company called Qualtrics, but after a lot of fasting and prayers, it just felt right to head to SE Idaho. 
Our apartment looked so empty!! A HUGE thanks goes to all the neighbors, friends, and family that helped us move out! My dad brought the trailer and suburban to help haul stuff back. He even managed to lock himself out of the car... but don't worry, he broke in and got the keys :) And we owe our first born to Janna who cleaned for like 5 hours straight! We are so appreciative.
So long, #10!!! We loved every minute in that teeny little apartment complex! Idaho, please be just as good to us! 

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Grandpa B

On the morning of Jaren's commencement, my mom's dad had a massive, sudden heart attack and was taken from this life. We moved home to Rigby just in time to help with the funeral arrangements, prepare musical numbers, and comfort other family members. Because it was so sudden, his death was hard on everyone, but we know we'll see him again! 
I'll miss how he called me KassaRayyy! and always made me sing in order to take a treat from his famous treat bucket. I didn't want him to think I only knew one song, so I always tried to remember what I sang for him last and sing a new one. I'll miss how he used to put mice from the barn in a mason jar, and then tell me to bring it in to the house because Grandma wanted to see. I'll miss how he would pretend to be afraid of things, just to make us grandkids laugh - like the action figure Hulk Hogan and whipped cream on his desserts. I'll miss how he always had to "mark" his cats by putting teeny elastics around their tails to they would eventually fall off... I used to take the elastics OFF the tails when grandpa wasn't looking! I'll miss his smile and seeing him sit in his same chair whenever we would come over. He left such a legacy and I'm so proud to call him Grandpa!
Here's his obituary. His viewing, funeral service, and graveside were all soo wonderful! He always gave us candy bars, $2, and/or money rolls when he'd come to our games or recitals. His hankey on the arrangement even smelled like his aftershave. I've always thought it was so strange that my mom's side of the family is buried RIGHT next to my dad's side! Pretty cool. At the graveside, they actually brought in his body by horse and buggy - pretty special! Grandpa's friend sang cowboy songs - it was perfect. Grandma gave Tate some of grandpa's boots and hat and he looked just like Johnny Cash. It was a special day. Until we meet again, Grandpa! Families can be together forever! 

Jaren's Graduation!

YAY! Graduation is finally here! Never thought I'd see the day, haha! I was such a proud wife watching Jaren walk through the processional... He just looked so regal in that royal/navy blue! All the crazy late nights studying for finals are all worth it now. I'm SOO proud of Jaren for finishing strong at such a competitive school like BYU. He's gonna do amazing things! I told him to smile for the paparazzi! aka "Mama-razzi!" (That's me) Elder Uchtdorf surprised everyone and showed up to Commencement! His grandson was graduating. The next day was Convocation (just his College of Life Sciences), and his parents and my dad were able to make it! I think I was smelling the campus "poop" trees. Yuck. Had to take a pic with Jaren with his new boss (AKA Dad)... haha I thought that was so funny.  I told him and Janna to make funny faces... but Janna just started to cry instead. These two have a pretty strong bond. Thanks to our ALL our family members for such great support over the past two years!  We will be true blue, cougar fans for LIFE! Peace out BYU!

Going into Retirement!

Remember when I earned my Certificate in Academic Advising in December 2013 from K-State?
My diploma came in our apartment mail, and it was kind of anticlimactic. But I was still so proud that I completed it! And with a 4.0, I might add :)
A few weeks later, my boss surprised me with news that she was throwing me a reception on April 17th to officially receive my diploma from some big wigs in the advising community! I was shocked, and soo appreciative. It was also meant to be a last hoo-raw before my final day of work on April 23rd. They rolled out the red carpet for me and had all my favorite foods - even spinach dip and BYU eclairs!  They invited everyone from the college that I worked with, and all my advising friends. I was just starting to show at 20 weeks exactly!
 I loved my workspace and office, so I had to get some pictures. That HUGE window was pretty awesome, too :) Jaren was great and came to the whole reception before heading off to his test review (this all happened during finals week. We both look a little worn out). A lot of my good co-worker friends attended. Renata, a professor from the sociology department - she was SOO great to work with! Pamela and Judith Ann  - they took several of the classes with me. And.. my awesome friend and boss, Lori! She is the reason why I stayed - even when my hours were cut because of new federal regulations. She has always been so supportive. We have played and laughed together, but have also seen each other 'ugly cry' at trying times in our professional AND personal lives. She is a true friend that I will always cherish! And of course, my amazing advising team. These were taken last summer, so we are missing Kirk! They are awesome. I also stole some pics of the cute front desk girls, I'm gonna miss them. Liz, the redhead, was my right hand and handled a lot of my paperwork and filing. Ron Chapman, Associate Student Life Vice President, came to present my diploma to me! It was pretty cool. I felt like a million bucks! Dean Ogles of our FHSS college even attended!  I'm sooo grateful for this awesome opportunity. I'm so glad I'll be able to reach into my back pocket someday and use this if I need to!
I will really miss advising, the office staff, and the students - well maybe not ALL of the students ;) I have LOVED my career as an academic advisor! Can't believe I'm officially retired. My biggest career goal has always been to be a mother - I'm so excited for that upcoming "promotion!"