Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Year's in SLC

Alright... so Oscar left a pretty big, gaping hole in the all the Nelson hearts. To help ease the pain, TWO new additions were sworn in! Meet Odie and Fritz - the cutest little doxies that ever lived!
These pooches were introduced while skyping with our favorite missionary on Christmas Day! We were SO surprised when we saw these two black things on the screen! I think Jentry was excited. He looked so good, and we can't wait to see him THIS June!
Callie loves the puppies! Then, we were finally able to open our gifts with one another. Our break was toooo short! Can't wait for the next one!

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas in Ririe 2013

Jaren and I met up with the family at Tate's bball game in Poky. I was so excited to see them! The next evening, Tater took his big, fat sisters for a ride behind the snowmobile. We laughed so hard and almost peed our pants the entire time. Tate's the BEST driver, and is always so careful with us. It was pitch black and we almost got eaten by dogs, but it was worth it! Oh, and I wore my dad's coveralls and almost wore out the bum when it was my turn to ride on the tube.. hehe!
We also celebrated Alli and Dad's bday at the skating rink in Idaho Falls. We all wore ugly sweaters. It was so fun! And on dad's birthday, he chipped his tooth RIGHT before he opened up all his Duck Dynasty birthday presents. Talk about perfect timing! SO FUNNY. We were trying to take his picture with his red-neck smile and gifts, and whenever we'd say "smile" he'd automatically say, "Happy, Happy, Happy!" Hahaha. He REALLY loves that show. I mean, look at those crazy-eyes!! He should audition.
Finally, it was Christmas Eve! I was put in charge (AGAIN!) of helping with the Nativity. Our new house has a perfect "stage" and the "actors" can walk down the stairs when it's their turn for their debut. After everyone went home, Jaren and I went over to help grandma B hang a picture in her living room so all her guests could see it. She rewarded us with the VERY FIRST homemade turtles of the season.. lucky! Then, guess what??? Santa came!!! Easty woke us all up at 8. Christmas is SO much more fun with kiddos. Thanks, Jill, for some of the pics!
And like always, we wenet to Grandma's for the famous Christmas Dinner/Lunch. Afterwards, we all went to Richard's school and played human Foosball! It got a little dangerous. Just ask Livvie! haha
And I FINALLY saw the moose family!!! I was beyond excited. A mamma, a daddy, and a baby.
One day, all the little girl cousins were playing dress up except for Remmy, so I found her a teensy dress to wear and she was SO happy toddling around in it. I told her to "say cheese" so I could take her picture and she backed all the up to the wall (for a better backdrop, duh!) then flashed me this huge smile. It was hilarious!
And I went to a few different baby showers over the break! It was good to see old friends.
We were so sad to see the Christmas season end! But loved every single minute of it.