Saturday, April 18, 2015

Jentry & Kaylee's Wedding

 They're married!! It was a beautiful day. 
We love Kaylee and can't wait to really initiate her in to the crazy family! :) We prepped hard for the big day taking engagement pics, assembling the thank you boxes, and creating the slideshow! I found some PRETTY dang cute pics of the Nelsons back in the day, but my faves were of my handsome husband as a chubby little babe. AWWWEE!!!
The reception was beautiful and I love our cute, color coordinated outfits in the family pictures! I feel like kaylee was the perfect way to end our four couples. I'm so excited to take some awesome vacations with everyone someday!!!
 Perfect day! Makes me reminisce on our special day with this guy :) Love him and our Nelson clan!
More pics from the weekend:

Monday, April 6, 2015

Crew's first Easter!

Easter was the DAY after we got back from Mexico. Luckily, Gramma & Pop-Pop Nelson came to the rescue and made sure the Easter Bunny visited Crewzer!!! He just looks so cute in his new jammies from Aunt Jeni!

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Cancun Mexico!

3.28.15 - 4.3.15
We had a BLAST on our much needed getaway with my family. 
The trip mostly consisted of Virgin Miami Vices (which we convinced my family are the best things from the bar!), laying by the pool, and eating chips and guac. All the brown people there loved Crew's white, luscious skin! They would stop us in the middle of the path and tell their friends and family to come se the "Bebe." He ate it up!
One day, we went site seeing around Cancun to Tulum and Coba. Our tour guide was Helaman who gave us our tour of Chitzen Itza last time we were in Cancun. He was great!! Talks through every ruin and backs it up with scriptures from the Book of Mormon. We had to take bikes and taxis to the ruins. Crew got hungry during the middle of the ride so I whipped it out!!! When in Mexico, right???
The tourists were allowed to climb all the way to the top of the temples! Crew and I watched from below :) Helaman also took us to a cenote called Techenchen-Ha (anything that ends in "Ha" means water) which is a water hole deep in the earth. It was clean, clear, COOL water which felt soo good after walking around all day. We had it all to ourselves. Crew was an angel the whole day and I was so happy I got to go!
My mom, sisters, and I were able to all get messages which were the BOMB.COM. We were pampered with the sauna and steam bath before.. even cucumbers on our eyelids and warm towels on our necks. HEAVEN! 
On the beach, Jill brought her camera so we could take some dreamy family pics. The wind was crazy but we were able to get some great shots and Jill worked her magic with photoshop so we all looked somewhat decent :) 
And on the last night, the girls got to go to the Cirque De Sole showing of Joya. Everything was extravagant. Even the path to the decked-out auditorium! I loved it!!!! My kinda thing for sure. 
Also... I found some way cute swim suit companies that I want to look into! Cavaricci, Phax, and Mali Touche. UUUUh huh!
Adios, Mexico!!! Until next time.. which I hope is very soon!