Friday, March 15, 2013

Lately - according to my phone

I'm chevron obsessed. It's bad. But these slip covers turned out pretty cute!
Jaren's new favorite thing is to walk by and turn the pillows so the stripes are vertical instead of horizontal - drives me nutso.
First day it broke 55 degrees - my hubby took me on a surprise afternoon date to Baskin Robbins. He knows the way to my heart. How do we have such different tastes in ice cream!?! I picked cookie dough and he picked play dough.....I also got to go to SaraJoy's baby shower! I made her that cute fabric bunting. And I tried cinnamon rolls! But they aren't as good as Jaren's. 
At work, I'm a representative for the Student College Council. It's really fun working with the student leaders of the college auxillaries. Last month, I helped with an event called the "I heart the Honor Code Because..." and we made this wall for students to post why they loved the honor code. 
I thought this reason was pretty funny seeing that we are huge "Office" fans :)
And finally... my Bday! I turned a quarter of a century. Big 25 - That's OLD! Spent the evening in SLC and the Nelson's decorated!!! I loved it. They made yummy nachos supreme for dinner. They know me so well.. an ice cream cake! Pretty sure 25 candles is a fire hazard. I thought we might set off the smoke alarm.
Chels and alli gave me a cute "N" and Jaren gave me flowers. Aww. I love birthdays. I never thought I'd turn 25! That seemed so far away. But I'm just so happy! I have the best family and friends a girl could ask for. Life is good.