Thursday, February 13, 2014

Bragging rights.

Jaren's the best. Last night, he had awesome 14th row tickets to the Jazz game and guess who he took!? ME! That's true love! And I made sure to put away my phone (after the selfie) and actually enjoyed the game.
We had so much fun! We always laugh and joke and smile when we're together, but last night I especially enjoyed his oh so fun personality. Walking hand in hand from the arena to our car, I couldn't help but think how lucky I was! Maybe it's the Valentines-ness of the week talking.. But I REALLY REALLY like this guy! Don't know what I ever did without him. All last week, he was especially wonderful. He let me go with him to J-Dawgs looking like a homeless person.
He even finished my last bite for me (which is always the gross-est). AND he puts up with my autocorrect and sassy-ness like in our texting convos...
 AND last Saturday when I really wanted to try this new donut truck in Springville, he totally delivered. BUT then he made delicious bad boy cinnamon rolls Sunday night.
And then he was just looking so darn sharp for CAREER FAIR DAY at BYU. DAAANNNGG!! So yeah. Jaren's the best. That's all.