Thursday, January 10, 2013

That time I let his dog spend the night.

It all started with a friendly game of Hand and Foot at Jaren's parents' house in SLC. Not to be confused with Hand and Foot disease... this is just a card game :) Jaren thinks I show everyone my cards, and now he has proof... woops! Sweet hand, huh? See all those wilds!?
After a few rounds and a victory from the girls (I'm not chortling - Jeff Nelson has a problem with that sometimes), it was getting late and we decided to head back to Provo. Jaren bent down on both knees to say his doggie goodbyes. This is a usual ritual, even though we would be right back in about 12 hours for Sunday dinner...
 I don't know how it happened, but all of a sudden, the idea of bringing Oscar home for a sleepover was jokingly tossed around. I thought about it. It WOULD only be for a quick night... And it might even be a chance for me to see what a having a dog would really be like. We all know that it's gonna happen someday (see other post)And I need to vacuum anyway, so...
Oscar's sibling, Jaren, was practically grinning from ear to ear when I told him that we could take the dog home for a night. I'm such a cool wife. What could an old family dog like Oscar do in one night, anyway? 
We packed his treats and some doggie bags (just in case) and pulled out his leash from the closet. Oscar loves going "bye-bye" and knows we think it's cute when Janna tells him to pick up his leash. He is such a crowd pleaser, that little ham... This dog doesn't stay in the backseat, he likes to be up where the action is.
I'm not even sure if Jaren looks at ME like that... he is so in love with this little hound.
All he needs is a few fluffy blankets - no PJs required! He sleeps naked (AKA without a collar).
Later that night, I wandered in to our room to find Jaren warming up my side of the bed! That is true love, folks. I think he felt indebted to me for letting his BFF spend the night. I dubbed us even - until after what happened the very next day......
The next morning, Jaren got up early to go to a sunday school meeting. When he got home, he took Oscar out to go to the bathroom. Just #1. While I got ready in our bedroom, they were playing in the living room when I heard Jaren yell, "NOOOO no no no no, OSCAR NO!!!!!"
Both dog and husband were running around, obviously in a panic. Oscar had done it: #2'd in my in house. 
Jaren RAN Oscar outside. I sniffed the hallway - It stunk. And the stuff was pretty much trailed throughout the entire living room. Little droplets all over our pet-prohibited apartment.. Jaren and Oscar KNEW they were in trouble. So. Much. Trouble. 
Jaren confessed that it was his fault - he should have waited patiently for Oscar to finish his business when he took him out the first time, because I guess he could tell that Oscar needed to go (??? must be a dog owner thing). So when they came back inside, Oscar just couldn't hold it and tried to get to the door, but it was too late. I actually felt bad for the pooch when he hopped on his bed and and cowered in shame, laying his head down. I peeked around the corner at him while Jaren was scrubbing the carpet, and Oscar gave me the sappiest "SOOO SORRRRYY!" eyes I've ever seen. 
I immediately imagined my mother-in-law doing one of her voice impressions of Oscar, "Kassie, I'm so sorry! Please just forgive me! I hope I can come sleepover again!!!" hahahahaha. Can't stay mad at the little thing forever! He really is such a good dog, and if my husband could love another living thing that much, he must be worth it. 
Then I decided; if I ever own a dog, I would be delighted if he/she were just like little Oscar. I think I can handle one little accident. I'm told I just need to get passed the puppy years. Bring on the carpet wipes.