Wednesday, July 18, 2012

the love bikes

Best husband. I hope he knows how much his wifey loves him. As a wedding present, we were given a little green "love journal" with a note taped to the inside explaining the gift. You write a message to your spouse, then leave it by their bedside; so simple. It's really exciting to walk into the room to see the journal on MY nightstand! Jaren is really good at this, and I miss him.
It's been a long summer. Between the 344 miles apart, cars breaking down, and skin cancer, we are ready for summer to be over. Naturally, I live for those little love notes from the Mister. I prayed long and hard for him to come into my life, and he has made a dramatic entrance. It's been 9 months since we were sealed for eternity. Trials have come our way. But Jaren as been a constant, and I'm so grateful. 
What he doesn't know, is that I took a picture of HIS love note to me :)
Great news - he's coming this weekend! To stay for a few short days. I've been staying busy: more sewing, working, primary singing, and recently - bike riding! What's better than collecting an old student bike from an apt complex about to donate it? Twice?! I paid $10 total for two bike locks so that jar and I could go for a sunday bike ride when he gets home. Big thanks to my friend meg and her handy husband for greasing them up and transporting them for us :) Both bikes are girl-bikes. At least his isn't the shiney purple beach cruiser :) I sent him a picture and he said, "You're gonna eat my dust on that thing." He's probably right :) These bikes were meant for each other ;)

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