Thursday, November 8, 2012


Jaren loves them. And I mean.. LOVES. them. 
I'm more of a cat person :)They used to call me the kitten whisperer back in the day. 
Dogs don't have litter boxes.. and there's no way I'm picking up warm poop with just a plastic bag between the doo-doo and my hand. While growing up, we had a dog once - no, twice. And each time we had to take it back to its owner. The first was a hyper Dalmatian who did his business on every single stair in the house. It's one of my earliest memories - scrubbing the carpet as a toddler. The second... was a cute mutt named Macie who was a LOT of work, and we decided she'd be happier in another home. 
We NEVER took back our cats. I was a pro at taking care of them. I lived for raising those little rascals (my cat got pregnant twice a year) then I'd cry soo hard after someone came to take them away.
The neighbors have a cute dog that Jaren's family was trying to warm me up to. I gotta admit - he's pretty cute! But Oscar and Tanner... are Jaren's other, OTHER half. I didn't think there was room in his heart for me after seeing these three together. But they are definitely growing on me! I never knew how much a family could love a dog before I met the Nelsons - fork feeding and all. 
Here's a few friendly games of "hide-the-bone-in-his-collar-and-laugh": (the cute laugh coming mostly from Jeni :)
Then this past weekend... I was eating some delish pumpkin dessert which is one of my favorite things. Oscar and I have something in common. He gave me these eyes, and I just couldn't resist... I handed over my bowl complete with a large dollop of whipped cream. I'm pretty sure we'll be friends for life now. 
Someday, I KNOW I'm going to be co-owner of one of these things. 
If ya can't beat 'em - join 'em, right?
Until then, we'll let Jaren's dad, Jeff, pick up the warm, greasy, pumpkin pie poop :) 

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