Thursday, May 23, 2013

smorgasboard post.

...It's just a little of everything. Cuz I'm a little behind on blogging. There was that one time that Oscar (the pooch) got into my purse and devoured my $6 toffee/chocolate/caramel apple from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory... ..but left the apple. Licked it DRY. That's what happens when you leave yummy smelling food in your purse on TOP of the bed and leave the house. Nothing goes unnoticed with a schnoz like Oscar's... Lesson learned. He and I don't have a very good track record... remember this post? Don't worry - I made Jaren reprimand him. Clearly - from the picture - Oscar's loving it. And Jaren still thinks he's getting a dog someday...
We also finally made it to the new outlet mall by Thanksgiving Point. LOVED IT. Jaren made a haul! I'm just glad my hubby likes to shop almost as much as me. I also got to help with graduation at work where L. Tom Perry spoke! Pretty cool.
We have a LOT of good friends in our complex. We are always playing games, walking to the snow cone shack, going to zumba, grabbing a  milkshake, making a temple trip, or just chatting in the parking lot. We are soo thankful for great friends! It was BINGO night at Applebees and guess what...both Holly and I WON!!! and I never win anything!
We ALSO babysit our friends' kids a lot! Which we absolutely love :) And I always take pics of them. Creepy? And sometimes we eat healthy summer salads for dinner....And sometimes we indulge in JDawgs! So good! The ONLY hot dog I will ever crave.
Then there was Mother's Day...We got to skype with Jentry in Chile, and Jeni/Cam/Callie in California. It was awesome! Jentry is doing so wonderful and almost seems... refined? Well, we'll see in about a year! We miss him, and are so proud of his decision to serve a mission!
I also thought a lot about my desire to become a mother someday and how grateful I am for my own mom. It's nice to be able to call her my best friend! She has taught me everything I know and even passed on her good looks :) I also have an outstanding mother-in-law whom I love and adore! Definitely lucked out with this one. Janna and Jeff were able to come to church and watch the primary kids sing that day (we did great!) and then stay for dinner. Jaren was in charge, so of course, he bought fried chicken the day before :)
Jaren also mega surprised me with geraniums!!! It was the exact planter I wanted and didn't get, but then dreamed about for several days. They look so pretty on our front step. I now feel slightly more "adult" with a planter outside my front door... strange? I LOVE taking care of it and watering and deadheading it. I hope I can keep it alive all summer! Jaren made me feel so special on Mother's Day even though I'm not yet a mom. It really means a lot!

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