Sunday, July 14, 2013


A few weeks ago, we went to Payson Lakes with some of our good neighbors, the Hobbs'! It was so warm and relaxing. We made tin foil dinners and set up camp friday night. I know our tent looks like a puny, claustrophobic dog house, but our queen sized air mattress fit JUST perfectly in that one-man-er :) Pretty cozy!
We shot the .22 at Dr. Pepper cans and just enjoyed each other's company. We love Holly and Koltyn! We also hiked it to Payson Lakes! Pretty but SOOOO cold! Jaren and I did not brave the water, haha. We taught them how to play Scum and it was soo fun! Holly and Koltyn are the BEST sports.. everyone laughed the entire time. Even the losers (Scum and Bum-Scum).
I have to say.. the funniest part about the whole camping trip was when we discovered a bathroom really close to our camp on the LAST day... We tromped across a huge field (as fast as possible during an emergency, if ya know what I mean) to get to what we thought were the only facilities on the campground. Group trips weren't really the preferred method... and we'd usually simply say that we didn't want company while going. Haha. BUT... if it was dark.. someone had to hold the flashlight... right!? ...first world problems. We'll definitely be camping with the Hobbs' again. But... maybe we'll get a new tent for next camping trip ;)

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