Wednesday, November 6, 2013

My name's Kassie, and I'm addicted to ZUMBA

Welp, I finally did it. After years of going to a bajillion Zumba classes, I proud to say that I'm now an official ZUMBA Instructor! Now I've got a fancy certificate to match my fancy ZUMBA shoes. 
My BFF, neighbor, and old roommate Tina and I went to a full 9 hours of Zumba training in order to get certified, and it was.. the best day ever. SO MUCH FUN! We learned a lot! Like the psychology and history of Zumba, basic Zumba steps, and even the anatomy of a song. We also worked out a TON and I was super sore and constantly hungry for a few days afterward.
Now that we're certified, we can get official jobs, but the market is super competitive. So we'll keep at it, but until then, we'll continue to teach our free classes at our church once a week to get experience. WE LOVE IT! And so do our neighbors. I also found some Zumba memes that are just wayyy too close to home. Seriously thought. My friends and I talk about farting/Zumba often. 
I now constantly have latin songs in my head, but have NO idea what they are saying. I love that we can call dancing around "working out," and I LOVE watching an hour of time fly by while burning 600 calories. Definitely my kind of exercise. Now if only I could stop eating ice cream :)

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  1. Congrats Kass! I though about doing this down here too, but I'm not at that level of dedication just yet... I'm so proud of you!