Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Guess WHAT!?

We've got Big, BIG, BIG, BIG news! Actually it's about the size of a Tangerine. But SO big to us!!!
We're... PREGNANT! 
And so sick. But that's okay, cuz I asked for it! Seriously. We've been waiting and waiting for this little nugget. We have just been PRAYING and praying to know the right time to begin our family, and one day - it just felt right. Now, I'm almost 14 weeks and officially in my second trimester!
I just feel that empty stomach feeling all the time... almost like I'm starving, but don't want to eat a single thing. I never knew how good generic brand honey-nut cheerios could taste. It's one of the only things that has been the least bit appetizing the past few weeks. That, and string cheese and fruit roll-ups! I've lost about 10 lbs, but the doc has me on an RX so hopefully things will start lookin up!
We told my family while visiting Idaho on Valentine's Weekend, then told Janna and Jeff on the way back to Provo! They were all really excited and SUPER HAPPY!
For both reveals, we wrapped up the cutest BYU onsie ever and let Jaren open it as his 'birthday' present. They had NO idea - worked like a charm :) Then, we told our friends in Provo by throwing Jaren a big 'birthday party.' He opened his gift (yes, we wrapped it 3 times!) and surprised all our friends and neighbors. BUT... birthday cake first :) 
So sad we didn't get pics of our families being surprised! Probably because I was crying too much. It got easier the 3rd time around :) We are super excited. Obviously! We just wanna have a party!! ;)
This ends our "Just Us" chapter, but we couldn't be more excited for the next part of our lives! It's what we've waited for for so long. We cannot WAIT until September!!!

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