Friday, August 15, 2014

Prepping for Baby!

Soo I don't have a job anymore, obviously! And it's kinda weird seeing Jaren get up and leave for work everyday.. when I'm still in bed. I'm not complaining (see pic) :) But I've tried to fill my time! And it hasn't been TOO hard... especially with this serious, real-life issue called "nesting." Cleaning, cooking, canning, organizing and REorganizing baby boy's loot of clothes, sewing, and more!
Here are some things we've been doing to get ready for him: Firstly.. the Alligator Rag Quilt! This stretched my sewing capabilities a LOT, but I'm so proud of it now! Thank goodness it's done :) And taking pics of me and the cat, both super pregnant. We also went looking at cars.. we didn't buy one though :) The same week as my baby shower, we hung out with our favorite Nelson clan while they were here for Cam's graduation! Callie is getting so funny. A few weeks ago, my doc let me take ONE last trip to SLC for shopping with my mom, sisters, and little Rem! We are SOO close to being done shopping for that kid! Babies need a lot of STUFF. The very next weekend, Jaren and I went to a breastfeeding class and a birthing class! Both were VERY educational. Obviously, some things were a little too humorous for us to be mature about... We learned everything from breathing/relaxing techniques, to watching an epidural video, to looking for a pediatrician, to washing and caring for our baby! We even got a tour of the hospital and tried out the cafeteria which serves delicious grilled cheese and chicken strips... Jaren wants me to go into labor just so he can go back and get some. Punk! Naw, I totally take that back. He's not a punk... He really is amazing. Jaren will be so great as my "labor coach" when it's time, and he'll be an even greater dad! I can't wait to see him with our little guy. He is getting so excited to meet our baby, it's hilarious. I'm certain he'll be obsessed with his feet. Jaren already told me he can't wait to test out the flexible cartilage in his ankles that allows us to bend back his feet to his shin (we learned about it in class)..... yeah kinda weird! All in the name of love!  We've also been busy setting things up! Like the travel system/car seat. We even tested it out.... And of course.... I've been finding any excuse to utilize my mom's AMAZing sewing machine that runs like a dream... I love it! Jaren caught me red-handed one day and took my pic. I may have overdone it on the pacifier clips! They were so easy, and will make great baby gifts. I still can't decide which ones to keep for our babe. Then there's the burpcloths... And yes I crocheted around the edges... even though he's just gonna barf all over them.. Oi.  Jaren's also been great to help with picking/snapping BEANS! Then my mom and I canned them. And earlier this week we went up past Kelly's for some gold-digging, er I mean, huckleberry picking! It was such a nice night!! Like a kid in a candy shop... but he was a adult in a very plentiful huckleberry patch. SAME THING!! Then... spoiler alert, but OMG.... Jill's showed me the outfits and backdrops she ordered the baby's newborn shoot. COULD YOU JUST DIEEEE!?!?! If you're still alive... check out this super soft, adorable BUNNY Jaren ordered. He grew up with a little bunny like this, that he named Nelson. He also had a little blue ribbon around his neck, so we had to add it :) His mom was constantly sewing ears, limbs, and eyes back on to the raggedy old thing. I think Jaren actually still has his original Nelson! It got a lotta love throughout the years.. Let the tradition live on!! And we've been looking for houses. We've seen probably around 15 with our realtor so far! Exhausting. We even wrote up an offer, and then backed out. We will most likely stick around at least till the baby's born, so we started on the makeshift nursery in my parents' workout room! Just look at all that baby loot! I LOVE our makeshift nursery!!! How many newborns do you know with a giant big screen in their room?? WE CANNOT WAIT TO MEET HIM!!!

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