Friday, October 3, 2014

1 Month Old! Oct 3

Crew turned 1 month old on October 3rd, 2014!!! Here are some of the highlights: 
He slept through his first full-body bath on Sept 9, 2014. And one thing's for sure: the kid LOVES to eat! When he doesn't, it gets ugly! He is pretty consistent with his feedings.. every 3-4 hours during the day, and every 4 at night. We are finally getting SOME sort of routine. He is filling out, his skin isn't peeling, he doesn't look jaundice at all anymore, and his chicken legs are getting some fat!! He is just getting so darn cute!! He looks different every single day. He's like a new baby every morning. But maybe that's cuz I look at him all day long every day and I'm his mom... haha! His eyes are lightening up and they are definitely going to be BLUE! I'm so excited. Still not sure about the hair color? Some days its red, but most days its a light brown. 
We're still figuring our how to act in public with a newborn. Do I nurse in public? What if I have a blanket over me? I thinks it's fine, but Jaren isn't a fan :) I'm just happy/thankful that he's such a good eater! 
It was evident in his 2 week appointment ... he had gained 9 oz!! Usually they are just happy if babies make it back to their birth weight by then. The nurse said I must have cream in my milk! But the truth is... he NEVER misses a feeding! He'll be in husky-sized pants like his daddy before long. He's like my little alarm clock that goes off every 3 hours, day or night.. We'll get sleep eventually! 
Just days after Crew was born, I was up and fully dressed with my make up and hair done - people were coming over all the time, and I felt like I should at least try to get ready! No one could believe that I was outta my sweats already. By two weeks after I delivered, I was back in my jeans. The body is CRAZY, I tell ya! I was shocked. 
But there was a night when Crew was about 1 week old that I had a bit of a break down. My body was being overrun. I wasn't sleeping at ALL. My voice was hoarse from all the visiting I was doing with people who wanted to see Crew. I probably wasn't drinking or eating like I should, either. I was REALLY independent and didn't want to lean on my mom for help, just because I lived with her. She never helped at night, and I didn't even like asking Jaren. SO, hence the breakdown. Basically it all went overboard the evening I pooped my pants. Yes, that's right. POOPED MY PANTS! I was taking stool softener along with pain meds because frankly, I was scared to go #2. Who knows what damage that would've done to my already painful stitches. I had actually bought the wrong dosage of stool softeners and didn't realize it till that night... I should have been taking 50 mg once a day, but instead took 100 mg twice a day. OMG!!! How can someone mess up so bad. Yeah, literally. I was feeding Crew and it hit me like a ton of bricks and I knew I wasn't going to make it!!! Afterward, while standing in the shower, I bawled. Jaren came in and told me to take it easy and that everything would be okay. EASY for HIM to say!!! Then I went downstairs and bawled to my mom. Lol.. Looking back it was pretty funny when I told her that I literally just pooped my pants!!! She then proceeded to tell me that I was WAY overdoing it and I needed to take a serious break and have NO more visitors and let her help me! 
I agreed. But woa.. talk about learning the hard way! And sorry for the TMI. This story is really funny now and I thought I should probably document it. :) Anyway, back to CREW! He does this really high pitched squeal while inhaling when he's eating and eats too much. It's hilarious. And he goes crossed-eyed sometimes when he focuses on something... funny! He is ony 2.5 weeks and holds his head up so well and doesn't really like his paci.. yet! I'm on a mission to find one he likes. Otherwise.. I'M the paci! He is the latching king. And guess what else?? He went up to size 1 diapers when he turned 1 month old! Getting so big. 
We went to the Idaho Falls Home Show and Aunt Jill held Crew the WHOLE time! She loved it. So did I :) So adorable in his while PJ's laying in mom and dad's bed. We love to play with Lindsey's baby, Lil Andi Anderson! 
We went to Boise while Jaren did some training, and then to SLC on the way back home! Crew did great and slept FAIRLY good ;) We went to the Zoo in Boise with Jill and her kids! Carlos had to work there the same weekend too. I loved being a stay-at-home mom and playing with my sis!
We also went to SLC for conference weekend with the Nelson's! And Auntie Chels came over for a visit :) Our friends, Holly and Koltyn even came. They are expecting a boy in February and we are so excited that our boys will be BFFs! Crewzer got a nice sink bath at GandG Nelson's! I wouldn't say these pics are necessarily smiles QUITE yet, but he definitely knows who we are. Especially his daddy. 
That was the fastest month of our lives! So thankful for a healthy, growing baby boyfriend! MWAH!

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