Wednesday, December 3, 2014

3 Months Old! Dec 3

Would ya just LOOK at this sweet face!?!?! Can't believe it's been 3 months. I just really CAN'T!!!
Here's a few things about our little Crewzer: 
- His cheeks are almost always covered in either bronzer or sparkly lipgloss. I can't get enough of them!
- He LOVES hearing the motor in the car. Always shuts him right up! All boy. 
 - When he's really excited, he breathes, squeals, and smiles all at the same time... sounds like a raptor. 
- He's been trying SO hard to laugh.. but all that really comes out are coughs. His FIRST real laugh on the DAY he turned 3 months!
- We call his chubby cheeks his "kickstands" because they help keep up his head. 
- He is SUPER cuddly. Everyone says that... not just me!
- When ya hold him, he likes to scratch off all your moles on your arms with his SUPER sharp fingernails that I am always deathly scared to trim. 
- Every morning, he doesn't really cry when he wakes up, but he yells. And he loves to pick up his legs and slam them against the mattress. SOO funny!
- My FAVORITE thing ever is when he locks eyes with mine, stares deep into my soul, and then flashes me thee biggest smile ever. Totally melts my heart!!!
- Moved up to size 3 diapers at 3.5 months old!
- Weighs 15 lbs now! We are wayyy past chubby!
- Discovered his tongue at 13 weeks. 
- He SORTA rolled over at 14 weeks.. but it may have been a fluke. I think he just really really hates his tummy. 
- HATES his hats! Better get used to it, Buster. Ya live in IDAHO!
- YAY for sleeping through the night! He went from about midnight to 6:45 AM when he turned 12 weeks. I've since put him on a different sleep schedule. Now he goes to bed at 9:30 or 10 and sleeps till 4 or so, then back to bed till 7, then back to bed till 9! 
- Pants are TOOO small :( Growing out of 3-6 mo! I can't keep clothes on this kid!
This month we also got to visit with a lot of our friends and family. We went to Utah to see the Nelson's and I got to go to a Jazz game while Crewzer stayed home with Gramma Nelson. The pups think they're babies. Or maybe...... the baby thinks he's a pup!?! Crew and I also love hanging out with Lindsey and Andi! We got to see my childhood friend, Kara, and her family! Her little guy is 9 months, and ours is 3, but they're the same size. HA!
And I went black friday shopping with my mom and sisters! Daddy stayed home with Crewzer.
We don't have our own house this Christmas, but I wanted to still put up our tree :) So excited for the holidays with our little babe!
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