Wednesday, February 4, 2015

5 Months Old! Feb 3

I feel like this past month was FULL of milestones! He was constantly impressing us with new tricks and firsts. It's so fun!!! but also depressing. I look back at some of his pictures taken just a couple of months ago and cry a little inside; he's grown a ton! But he's getting to be sooo much fun and so much easier to hold and play with! We love him.

Here's a BIG 5 month update:
- TEETHING!! It took 15 days for his first two bottom teeth to come in. But they're sure cute! Hasn't bit mom yet... 
- A typical boy who LOVES forts! He especially thinks it's pretty cool when mom AND dad are under a blanket with him. 
- Loves mirrors and giggles every time you say, "Who's that!?"
- Found his toes! Wants them in his mouth so badly and concentrates to hard to get them there. 
- Rolled over to his right 3 times in a row for the first time on January 12, and now he's an EXPERT tummy-to-back roller. Both sides! We're still working on back-to-tummy. Maybe next month..
- Eats like newborn kitten... likes to massage his milk source hahhaha It's so funny. 
- On that note... he just can't keep his arms still during his feedings. I have to hold them down so he doesn't scratch my neck to shreds!
- Still part dinosaur... he loves making raptor sounds especially when he gets really excited. Our 15-16 year old Sunday School class thinks it's hilarious. Crew also spit up in front of the whole class last sunday (it landed in a puddle on my skirt). They all erupted in "Ewww!!!"s. Real classy, Crew...
- Kinda communicates with those same raptor sounds.. He must think he's talking??? Idk. 
- Threw his first tantrum this past month!! Probably because it wasn't time to eat yet. Whipped his head back and everything. I thought he was going to do backflips out of my arms. He's getting so strong. 
- Started watching The Baby Channel on direct TV... we think it's kinda creepy but he loves all the bright colors and weird puppet animals. 
- Sitting up!!! for like 10 seconds at a time. His belly pretty much holds him up, but we're counting it. 
- 19 lbs!!! I feel like he might be slimming down a little. I just LOVE LOVE LOVE his little body!
- Taught himself how to spit. Cutest thing ever. For now... 
- Plays with his big toys like his tiger jumper and activity jumper
- Reaches really well for things. Then puts them straight in his mouth. 
- Takes naps longer than 20 minutes now! He's down to 2 sometimes 3 naps a day that are about an hour a piece.
- I can hear him making "raptor" sounds when he wakes up... almost like he's SO excited for someone to come get him and he's imagining it.. ok ok I may be trying too hard... haha!!
- I love the way he falls asleep in his car seat holding on to his links for dear life. Every time. 
- Eating rice cereal! He takes only a few bites but LOVES it. You should see the way he looks at our food... it's so sad!!! We feel bad eating in front of him now. I've been dragging my feet. We've only been doing rice cereal for about a week and I can't tell if its really helping him sleep or not yet. Eh I might quit and wait another month or so.
- Sleep training!!!! Not for the faint of heart. We stick to a strict bedtime routine everynight around 7:30 PM; Jammies/sleep sack, eat, read a few books, sing I Am A Child of God/A Child's Prayer, then in the crib. Let him cry for 3 min, then one of us goes in and comforts hims for 1-2 minutes, never picking him up. Then wait 5 minutes and to the same thing.. then 10 minutes, and 10 minutes after that. The first night took him 2 hours to fall asleep, the 2nd night took him 45 minutes, 3rd night 25 minutes, and 4th night was 2 minutes. Then 5th night he went down with ZERO crying! I'm really really impressed that whoever invented this model ACTUALLY knew what they were talking about and that it WORKS! We are loving our evenings now. He still sometimes wakes up in the middle of the night, but eats fast and is right back to sleep. This momma can't complain!
WOW!!! That was a lot. Stop growing so fast, Crewzer!!!

Hopefully all this picture and video taking/documenting will be worth it someday. hah! 

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