Friday, April 3, 2015

7 Month Old! Apr 3

Well folks... we're over the hill. 
7 months means we're closer to a year old now.  !!!!
I'm the mom so I can cry and whine about this till the cows come home, cuz ya know I will. 
But we are LOVING this stage!!! Crew is so entertaining. I get so excited introducing him to new things. His dad and I actually fight over who gets to show him/be there for what. 
His fun little personality is really shining through and it makes me love him even more! On a DAILY basis, Jaren and I remind each other that we have thee cutest baby ever. I'm not even exaggerating about that! We're all about that bragging stuff. He's getting bigger and bigger every single day.. like BIG!
Here's a recap of last month: 
- He's SQUEALing louder than ever when he's happy! Cutest sound in the world.
- March 11: GRINDS his teeth!!! All 6 of them. It's the GROSSest sound in the world. :) Gives me the willies every time.
- Has really good hand-eye coordination and can change blocks from hand to hand
- Crosses his feet with he sits. Just plain cute.
- March 17: pooped a LOG in the tub for the very first time! I screamed so loud that it made him cry! Then Jaren came in a fished it out, and we started all over with the bath. Crew didn't mind one bit :)
- March 26: Finally started sleeping on his side! Looks more comfortable now. Still sleeping through the night most nights! That's really nice when we travel.
- Still screams in delight when he sees himself in the mirror
- Mom started teaching sign language at 6.5 months. Mostly "more" and " all-done"
- He likes to use to his elbows when you buckle him into the cars eat... and it begins!
- Loves eating all kinds of food! But so far, the only thing he really hates is turkey with turkey gravy. It just sounds gross anyway.
- Crew took his 1st plane ride and 1st real vacation and 1st time out of the country. WOW! 
- Everyone in Mexico would literally stop dead in their tracks to swoon over Crew. Then they'd call over their wife/husband/family to look at him. Crew ate it up!! He knew he was on display. But it was like they'd never seen a big, fat, white baby before. SOOO FUNNY!
- Also got his first ever SUPER mild sunburn. Sorry, buddy! I lathered him up and kept him in the shade the whole time, too! He's got skin like his momma.
- Weighs about 20 big ones!!!
AND we can't get enough of him.

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