Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Jaren, Kass & Crew.. plus little Molly Sue!

Crew's first dog! And mine too! hahaha. Jaren, however, is a SEASONED dog owner. We rely on his expertise everyday. But Molly is a GREAT dog. She's potty trained, kennel trained, and cuddle trained. ;) She LOVES... like really loves... when you come home after being gone (or even taking a nap in Crew's case). She wags her little bum and goes absolutely nuts!!! The only accidents we've had in the house are when she "excited pee's"... that's what Jaren calls it. She loves her toys and is so good about not playing with any of Crewzer's toys. I like that. 
The only problem is.... that now instead of 1 kid, I have 2 kids. No... I take that back. I have 2 DOGS. They both crawl on all fours and follow me from room to room. All day. It's nuts. I have to constantly make sure they aren't getting into trouble. Usually they get in trouble TOGETHER. 
Like the other night... when I went grocery shopping all by myself... Jaren was put in charge. Crew got into the RED, beef flavored dog treats and had red slobber allllll down his white pajamas. Molly was licking it off as fast as she could and Crew was pushing her away, so Molly's back was just as sticky as Crew's hands. THEY WERE CAUGHT RED-HANDED. Oh my, I'm so funny. 
But I was NOT laughing when Jaren called to tell me this story. I immediately started chastising him for not watching the "kids"!!!! He was too busy watching TV. But the thing is... I wasn't shocked to hear that Crew had eaten dog treats because, let's face it... Crew eats more dog food than Molly. But for realz. He's just SOOOo fast and he crawls to the dog bowl at a lightning speed when he see's an opening. Then he stuffs as many kibbles in his chubby cheeks as possible. AHH!! He could choke!! But worse... I mean, it's DOG FOOD!!!!!! YUCKKKK. Whatev tho. I've heard of plenty of other kids that have done this and they've turned out alright.
*So funny story... as I'm writing this in our bedroom (Jaren's at bball, Crew's in bed) I hear her bark from the living room! Naughty! So I get up to go see what the problem is. She's barking at the window that's open. Sooo... I go to close it but first notice a very naked butt in the neighbors window. The blinds were open just enough for me to see the cheeks and nothing else. THANKS FOR THAT, Molly. Sheeeeeeeshhh!!! No wonder she was barking. hahah. Anyway..*
But yeah, Molly is growing on me. I like just seeing her fluffy bodily curled up like a cat. It's kinda comforting?? I had a HUGE issue with her wiping her wet-self all over the carpet (where Crew crawls all day long) after her bath the first night we brought her home. My OCD/Perfectionism kicked in BIG time and I had a little panic attack. I take pride in my clean house. I can't go to bed at night unless the dishes are done and the pillows are perfectly straight. How was I going to allow an ANIMAL to live in my home? Where my kid lives and where we EAT!? But then I realized, that I'm simply way too uptight. I need to learn to loosen up a bit!!! It's a DOG, for heaven's sake. A non-shedding dog with WHITE hair, which makes it practically invisible if have an occasional loose hair. This dog makes my husband extrememly happy, and I can't wait for my kid to have a loyal, long term companion to grow up with. I just love the idea of that. So I'm willing to cut a few strings and try to relax a little. I know this dog will wiggle her way into my heart in no time. Welcome to the fam bam, Molly Sue!!! 

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