Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Gross pictures.. and LAGOON!

The picture with the blue stitches was taken 7 days after forehead surgery (May 21) with suchers.
Then, another picture was taken 15 days after, without. YUM! The skin graft was still healing.
May 23rd Surgery on my neck (by my ear) and clavicle went great! Jaren was even able to come home from Vegas for it! The wounds are healing soo well and look really good, even though they said that it looks the worse after 1 week. The doc did about 12-14 inside stitches on each one, and zero outside stitches! Instead, he used liquid skin which is basically super glue, to avoid scarring.
Right after my second surgery was over, I mentioned to Dr. P that I saw another (yes, that makes four) suspicious spot on my back. I showed my mom earlier that day, and she also thought it just was a red dot, but that I should clear it by the doctor. Better safe than sorry. I noticed that it itched, and would bleed very easily, just like the other 3 Basal Cell spots on my body. The dermatologist told me that it if WAS Basal, then it was the world's smallest, but he highly doubted it. He saw my worry, and quickly made the decision to just perform MOHS on it right away and not put me through another week waiting on a biopsy. I agreed and he started up the local, cut it out, and took it away to be examined.Sure enough - results came back cancerous.
...Ha! I am a officially a Basal Cell Carcinoma expert! :) It took all I had to not shout "YESS! I'm getting good at this!" I didn't cry this time. If I have to live with this for the rest of my life, I need to know what to expect and exactly how to spot it. I actually was proud, haha. Dr. P was really surprised at the results and said it was a very small amount of cancer, and actually had to take out just a smidge more. Then he stitched me up (only about 5-6) and I was sent home. Also, another spot I'm almost positive was caused from indoor tanning. I didn't get any pictures of the middle of my back today, because my body doesn't bend that way! I miss Jaren, haha.
Man, these 3 surgeries combined were SOo much easier than the forehead! And now, cancer-free with no more surgeries scheduled, I'm doing soo well! Here some more pics! Plus my eyebrows have evened out very nicely. Wahoo! Thank you, Botox. :) These nice clean pics of my scars were taken 6 days after surgery, and I think they look pretty good!
Sooo there's more to our lives than skin cancer! Here's some other updates :)Lagoon!
For memorial day, we went to Lagoon with the Nelson's for one last "hoo-raw!" before Jentch leaves on his mission to Osorno, Chile on June 20. We're gonna miss that guy! It was soo fun, and I loved the Wicked ride. My motto is that I'll give anything a try once - those nelson's can ride the pirate ship over and over again! Maybe I'm getting old ;) Our great fam would even re-arrange just to let us newlyweds sit together on the rides. We can only be away from each other for so long..
Only SOME of us got sUper sick... ;) Poor Cameron. He barfed on a little kid ride, the Flying Aces. And I laughed. I still feel really bad. I couldn't help it!!! Little carrot and licorice chunks right in front of the long line of anxious kids waiting for their turn... We LOVE makin memories, right, Cam?


  1. Kassie you're such a trooper! My heart goes out to you. I hope you are doing well. Keep your chin up and remember I'm always here for you. Love you! -SaraJoy-

  2. Haha this is awesome... poor Cameron.... Oh this might be a bad comment considering the whole post.. Awesome just refers to the Lagoon trip.
    You are doing awesome! and seem so positive stay in there. You are in my prayers! :)