Monday, May 21, 2012

7 months of BLISS

Gross. Sorry, mom.
Surgery was exactly 1 week ago - one of the longest I can remember! We had no idea the severity of this surgery and the lasting effects it would have on my skin, head, and face.  Today, they removed the stitches, and injected a little dose of Botox under my RIGHT eyelid to attempt to even things out. It takes up to two weeks before I'll see any results, but if you see me walking around looking "alarmed" you'll know what's up! (my eyebrow.. hah) My scalp is still lifeless because of the face-lift procedure they performed when they snipped most of my nerves along my hairline. It feels really weird to wash/do my thick hair when the top of my head is so sensitive. The good news is that I WILL get the feeling back in my scalp, but no one knows when. It could take a month or two, or it could take a year.
We also got more bad news today. They found two more spots of Basal Cell on my chest/neck, and on the side of my neck. That means more surgery this Thursday. I'm almost positive those are from tanning in the tanning bed (I usually covered my face with a towel), but the doc still says that this is caused mostly from genetics.
It was hard hearing the news! As I was sitting in the waiting room, looking around at the 75+ year olds with tiny bandages on their bald, exposed heads, I couldn't help but feel sorry for myself. A young 24-year-old does not belong here! My skin is stark white! Why did I end up 3 different cases of skin cancer? I'm tired of being laid up from surgery when I'm used to being at a job that a I love, a calling that I adore, and workout classes that I tolerate (wish I could say I loved! haha) I'm not used to taking so many pain killers and antibiotics and asking for so much help.
However, once again, I'm reminded how grateful I am that this can be treated! I'm also reminded of ALL the many people who love and care for me and have been praying for me just to get feeling better!  My wonderful mom even offered to drive to provo just to stay with me because I was lonely. Thanks to friends and family, and a husband who is worthy to give me priesthood blessings of healing and comfort before he had to go back to work in Vegas. He is absolutely, simply, the best.
It's our 7th Month Anniversary, so he sent flowers to me at work! How cute is that, miss him tons. He's selling pest control this summer, but will be home this weekend. He is doing awesome, and I'm so proud of him. Wahoo!


  1. oh kass, i am so sorry about this news :( i will def keep you in my prayers. skin cancer is all too common these days. and me living in hawaii always makes me nervous. i would love if you could email me the signs and what to look for. i use sun screen everytime i go out...

  2. WOW! My dear you have been through a lot!! You hollar if you need anything! You are such a sweetheart!!