Saturday, June 30, 2012

Jaren practicing his daddy skills (to use WAY in the future)

It was so nice outside the day before we came to Vegas. We were driveway-dwelling (ya, I made that up) at the Aponte's watching our cutiepies with their stylin' sunglasses ride bikes up and down the street. Easton was lovin livver's new pink/blue bike! Livvers was not happy. She fell somehow and hurt her knee and refused to play. Our sweet little 3 yr old niece has developed a little tude lately! She is still so stinkin adorable. I just love that lip she gives when she's pouting. I used to have one just like it as a little girl... Jaren wanted to make her happy.... (he actually just REALLY wanted to go for a bike ride!) so he offered to take her around the block on the bike! We had just come my friend's wedding; oooooh those argyle socks. We couldn't convince Livv to go. And so he went alone. He looks gooooood riding that bike with a baby carrier, yeah!?

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