Saturday, June 30, 2012

We're in VEGAS, Baby!!

I know you're all dying to know what I do all day... 
OH WOW, where do I START!?!
Well, I've read a few books - for work and for fun. I LOVE going to workout classes at the gym, too. My favorite right now is body pump and turbo kick. I'm so tough, I know. 
Plus, Jaren is dang lucky to come home to a full course dinner every night and clean laundry in his closet. I kinda like being a full-time house wife! I've also packed along my mom's old sewing machine and made a few little goodies...
Homemade mermaid tail. I mean, maxi skirt. It is soo comfy. Fabric bunting! Now these are fun to make. and way easy! Yes, I forgot my iron so I'll have to finish it when I get home. This is for Jill - I owe her my life for doing all my wedding pics so I made her some photog props. I hung it up in the kitchen and jaren came home and said, "what is that thing?" ..Doesn't he have pinterest?!
One afternoon, I even went out on the doors with Jaren! I put on one of his polos and hats and lathered up in SPF. I don't know how Jaren does this for 9 hours in the heat everyday. It was hard work! Some people were even kinda rude to us. And everyone had dogs that barked... I hated that part! We also like to check out the Outlet Malls. 
One night, we went out to the strip and had dinner at PF Changs. Got the best/most accurate fortune! I do love being down here with my hubby :)
I also stamp all his flyers for him... and work on my wedding book write up. 
Plus, Jaren is addicted to Otterpops...I am not kidding. He eats them by the dozen. (okay, okay I help him) The truth is, I love this guy. And its been tons of fun being out here with him for a few weeks! I'll be sad to go back to Provo next monday, but will be happy to get back to work :)

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