Wednesday, August 1, 2012


July 24th weekend, the mister came home and we had a blast with the fam. We celebrated Janna's bday with a fun day at Seven Peaks in SLC. The Lazy River couldn't get enough of us. I think we circled that thing a bajillion times, it was heavenly! As the day was winding down, we were some of the last people still there and got to ride our favorite purple tube slide without waiting in line! The day was perfect. I love when Jaren comes home. Hope he'll forgive me for those awesome sunburn-lines on his shoulders from my perfectly shaped finger prints :)
His side of the family is at such a fun stage right now - three couples + jentry. Since he's on the mission, the 6 of us triple date and have tons of fun every time we get together. I truly feel so blessed to have landed such incredible in-laws! and if you count the pups, that makes eight. Oscar and Tanner are the cutest couple ;) ;) Life is so good. 

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