Wednesday, August 1, 2012

H o m e

Home. There's definitely no place like it! Jaren was on a sales crusade and couldn't make it to provo last weekend, so I headed north. I'm pretty sure I could do that drive in my sleep by now! Thank goodness for chelz for tagging along. I stopped by her place and picked her up and we were off!
We spent most of the weekend hanging out with my cuties patooties, Easty and Livvers, and my sisters and mom. Jill's looking nice and plump and I CANNOT wait for the little princess to arrive. Its time for our family to get another teeny tiny babe, so thanks for supplying, jiller :) On Sunday we made it to Grandma B's for the best dinner. I sure miss sunday visits with the extended fam. Jaren was so jealous when I told him we had homemade fried chicken and oreo ice cream dessert. He "died inside" when I told him - his words, not mine! Poor guy. We missed him! 
One thing I love about home: my bed. It's extremely comfortable, and I can't figure out why! I'm pretty sure its the flannel sheets. Jaren isn't all that impressed, but I am. I think its just one more thing that I relate to HOME. 
Home. Now that I'm a married woman, I have a new home. I love cleaning and decorating how I want, without calling a roommate meeting just to move furniture around. LUCKILY, Jaren trusts my taste :) After living in Vegas for a month, and coming back to provo, it was such a relief to step into our little apartment. The smell alone made me sooo happy. I dropped my luggage and sat down on the couch, just taking it in. Suddenly, I realized I was HOME. For the first time in my post-high school life, I felt like I was home other than in Rigby, ID. This four letter word has finally come full circle in our cozy little apartment. 

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