Thursday, October 11, 2012


SO.... what a random day. 10-11-12. HOWEVER, my favorite mother-in-law reminded me that I needed to post something! I think she was just looking for an update from us :)
Here is some randomness to go along with 10-11-12!!!
Us at a lake somewhere in Utah.. Jaren chasing a loose chicken around our apt.. A sideways picture of a boy and his dog...Alvin's sweet team pic! It was so fun having her stay with us this weekend :) (even though we had zero groceries. my bad)...A 3 generation mish comp pic! Jaren is the grandpa at the reunion... Lucky Jaren and Tondevold got to go golfing with their mission president!!... A WAY cool pic of elder jentch in chile! We miss him.... And little livvers and her cute purple cast and adorable red skinnys and cute little pose...and finally, the cutest random-ess, precious face you'll ever see. Remmy Pearl.
Happy 10-11-12!!!

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