Thursday, December 27, 2012

To Mexico and back

What a GREAT Christmas this year! We were absolutely spoiled, and our families have once again proven how awesome they both are. How in heaven's name did we get so lucky?
First thing's first: documenting our awesome vacation with the Nelsons to.... MEXICO!! Actually the exact same cruise Jaren and I took for our honeymood, ha! But we did not mind! It was the perfect break from work and a looonng semester. 
Like every great vacation, it began with a road trip. 
We left Provo, UT bright and early to Long Beach, CA. We stayed the night in Long Beach, attended sacrament meeting that sunday morning, then we were off to the port! Our passports were cleared and we were about to board the CARNIVAL SPLENDOR!
Notice the boots - it was chilly! Also notice the ice cream... 
Some things (like warmth) are worth sacrificing. 
Our time was mostly spent shuffling cards, eating ice cream, and riding elevators. 
One of my favorite parts of the cruise is, of course, the shows! The dancers are great, and sometimes I wish I could be up on stage! But... then I look at their outfits, and decide to pass. 
It was so fun to go to the ship's theatre every night after dinner for some fun, broadway-esque entertainment.  
We also got to go back to Lover's Beach! Jeffy took his shirt off the moment we stepped on the sand hahaha We got to see the Arches of Cabo and the "Magic Cave" at Lover's Beach... where two go in and three come out. hahaha. 
When we got back to port on the mainland, we stayed in Vegas for a night! We ended our trip in Sin City by staying in a great hotel ;) and visiting the strip. Christmas is my favorite time of year, and as much as I loved the cruise and the warm weather, Christmas just isn't Christmas without all the snow, glitter, and glam. We got our fix here at the Bellagio! The decor was incredible! And of course the water shows were amazing as well. 
Thanks for the fun, Nelson clan! We love you!!!

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