Friday, February 22, 2013


 My husband really outdid himself this year. He just proved, once again, to be the sweetest, most thoughtful man alive. V-day came early for me - February 1st! And didn't stop till February 14th. 
I was in Idaho for the weekend, and he stayed home, but took the time to collaborate with my sister to make sure I saw my gifts for the first few days of the month. He is tooo much... but I'm not complainin :) Here are pics of my 14 Days of Valentines from my hunky man. Who could ask for anything more?! I saved all his cheesy loves notes :) and had to censor a few ;)
On the the 14th day, Jaren hid a cute card in my office and sent me flowers. AWW! They made my day! 
We always have a ton of fun in our work staff meetings, and on v-day, we decorated sugar cookies! 
Jaren's was supposed to be his dream woman, but ended up looking like Betty White.
After work, we spent V-day in SLC and watched Alvin and the other Lady Eagles take on the SLCC. Alli did awesome and we love watching her! Dave Rose (BYU boys bball coach) was sitting right behind us! He was probably there to recruit. Cool, huh?
Then Jaren's parents bought us dinner at Spaghetti Factory and I was in heaven with pasta comin out my ears! And who doesn't loves Saponi. Spamoni. Whatever it's called :) It's ICE CREAM so I was content. I was sad when Feb 15th came.. I woke up and said, "Where's my Valentine today!?" But my real valentine was right there :) I love that guy and I'm so happy he loves me! 

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