Sunday, February 17, 2013

Well Over 24

Jaren is now WELL OVER 24 years old! And now, we are the same age :D
I cherish these 3 weeks. I'm free from all cougar jokes! Until MY bday comes rolling around in March, and then I become the old lady again :) Oh the joys of marrying a 'youngin' ;)
We decided to go to Idaho on Friday for Jaren's bday to see the fam, help jeni with the baby's room, help my parents move, ect. Janna and Jeff graciously allowed us to ride along. We sat in the back with lots of luggage and a very full truck bed. We were taking some furniture back for Jeni, and then we planned on bringing back couches for us! I told the nelsons that they need to just start their own U-Haul company. We looked like the Clampetts driving down the road...
We were all exhausted from a long week and just wanted to get to the gem state as quickly as possible. Jeff was doing an excellent job driving, when suddenly, a thick patch of fog showed up. No biggie, we drove right through it and that was that.
About an hour later, Jeff said something (sorta like, "What!?") that made us all jump and look out the windows. He looked so confused so we asked him what was wrong. He didn't respond right away and just kept searching the road as if looking for a sign... Finally, he said, "I think I missed the exit!"
For those of you familar with the drive from UT to ID, you know that you have to take the pocatello exit, or you'll end up the complete opposite way out in the middle of nowhere. That's where we were. On our way to Burley, Idaho.
Jeff didn't think it was funny, but Jaren, Janna, and I thought it was HILarious. Until the gas light came on...There aren't too many signs of civilization down that highway, let alone gas stations! We almost had to turn around!!! Luckily we located a gas station and called to make sure they'd be open. PHEW! hahahaha. So embarrassing... ;)
This little detour added about an 1.5 hours onto our trip home, but it sure a good laugh!
It was sooo good to be home! On Saturday, we went to lunch with the whole fam at Coasta Vida! Then hung out at Fat Cats with the Apontes.
That night we went to New Fong's with the Nelson crew for the Birthday boy! He ordered hot and sour soup. Ick! He has loved it since he was a toddler. Jaren got a new jersey from cam and jeni! And then on Sunday we went to the Aponte's for Dr. Pepper cake and ice cream. Happy B-day, Jar-bear!


  1. Devon has that shirt too, and I also hate it. I guess those bball boys never grow up :)

  2. WHY!? haha he has TWO Carmelo ones, too. That makes me feel better that my husband isn't the only one who likes them ;) Is your blog private, kelc? Can you add me? :)

  3. Hey, sorry I haven't looked at your blog in a bit. I will add you right now. Devon is really into Lebron, so we mostly have witness T-shirts, they aren't too bad. The character ones get me though, I think they are silly but whatever :)