Monday, April 1, 2013

The House that Built Me

Where I laughed, cried, learned, and loved: Home. My favorite place on earth! Where I gathered easter eggs, played barbies for hours, and fought with my sisters over clothes. Where I created school projects, developed my talents and testimony, and got picked up for dates. Where several litters of kittens were raised, family home evening was held, and dinner was eaten at 6 p.m. sharp. A place to lay my head after long days filled with early morning gymnastics, school, and cheer practice on theee coziest bed in the basement, complete with flannel sheets.
When I moved to college, left for my Internship, or went far away to school in Hawaii... I cried every single time I drove away. Home was where my best friends lived, my favorite things housed, and my fondest memories made. And OH how I loved coming home!
I loved the way my mom decorated for holidays, and how it smelled a certain sweet scent that even my friends noticed. I loved walking through the house to see what had changed, and what was exactly the same. My sanctuary - my Home. 
Now that my family has moved to a new house, I still absolutely love coming home. A lot has obviously changed: the neighbors, the new house smell, the soft memory foam carpet... It's beautiful! I love it. I noticed last weekend that I didn't miss the old house - And now I understand why. The new house is still the same place where we laugh, cry, learn, and love. 
Where new memories will be made! Our old house will always hold a special place in my heart. How grateful I am for an eternal family and a gospel-centered home; those are constants. This past weekend, we finally got to enjoy each other's company together as a family. Only the essentials, like beds and a few pieces of furniture, currently exist in the house. That's why we love hanging out on
the floor :)
Mom's been working hard to get the old house cleaned up, and the new one ready for visitors so the decorating has been put on hold. However, I noticed a small object all alone on the kitchen counter by the stove: Home is where your mom is! Thanks for the reminder, Mom :) So true.

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