Thursday, May 16, 2013

Kassie's Work Party!

 I work with such great people! Seriously.
Here we are bowling for Student Employee Appreciation Day! These troopers make my job soo much easier! We would die without our students. We are a CRAZY bunch! I'm so lucky to love where I work.
One thing I love about my job is that we have "automatic" breaks in the year to keep things interesting - they are called SEMESTERS. Campus is much quieter now that Spring term has begun! I LOVE walking around BYU during this time. The grounds and flowers are perfectly manicured... and students are wearing shorts and flip-flops, throwing around frisbees, and holding hands. 
LOVE IS IN THE AIR, folks. Spring and Summer terms also mean PARTIES for our office. 
We definitely know how to have a good time. A few weeks ago we tied a pinata to the tree outside our office and demolished it for Cinco De Mayo. Jaren thinks we just party at work all day. Sometimes it's true.
I'm looking forward to NO SCHOOL for a few weeks for both Jaren and me (my online class just ended... I made out with a solid A!), zumba in the evenings, and LOTS of time to just RELAX! Welcome back, Summer. I've missed you.  

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