Thursday, April 18, 2013

Conference Weekend

It started with several hours of mission reunions :) Jaren had two presidents while serving in Chile, so, of course, we went to both! If you want to read about Jaren's mission, his mom did an awesome job updating his blog! He has been home for almost three years now!
We also saw Sara, Owen, and Francisco at the reunion! Sara served in Jaren's mission - we know them through the Howards! Uncle Richard taught Fransisco's dad years ago in Mexico. How cool is that? Small world. The gospel is everywhere. And Isn't that little girl soo cute!?
It was fun to meet President and Hermana Gillespie. Jaren spent the day before golfing with this guy - DREAM COME TRUE for my husband. I also go to meet President and Hermana Willhelm.
They hardly know any English, but they were sooo nice and friendly. We couldn't really communicate, so we just hugged a lot.
After reunion hopping, we met some other apartment dwellers in Farmington at our neighbors' parents' house to watch conference. It was soo nice and relaxing. This house had an inside bball court! They stayed up late every night playing. We live by such great friends!

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