Monday, October 28, 2013


 The day before I flew out to Las Vegas for Grandma's 80th Birthday Bash, I found a pretty cool PF Changs fortune cookie... Girl's Night in Vegas anyone!? haha totally kidding, we didn't go to The Outback. But we DID have a lot of fun!!!
I even met a wacky, senior citizen from Kenya who hit on me (in front of his wife) and kept saying, "What happens in Wegas, stays in Wegas!" with a wink and elbow nudge and a thick accent. Barf. But it was the reason for the "Wegas" joke for the rest of the trip.
Oh, and my bed partner: Jill. Apparently, when this mamma is away from her kids, she likes to party. Like wake-ya-up-and-dance-to-Elvis kind of party. 
The Crapes at the Paris Hotel were soo yummy! We also went to Le Reve show! My fav... If I could, I'd take a weekend vacation to LV, see as many shows as possible, and turn around and go home!!! SOOOO cool! I've always had a secret desire to be a gymnast/acrobat for the circus. Am I crazy!?! 
It was such a fun trip. Viva Las Wegas!!! And Grandma B :) We love her!

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