Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Jaren here.
Checking in on this awesome date! Looking outside, I realized that I will never again see this date again. Because of this, and in the spirit of Thanksgiving, I would like to list the 12 things that I am most grateful for.
1. My doll of a wife and everything about her.
2. The Gospel of Jesus Christ and the blessing it is to be a member of His church.
3. My parents.
4. My siblings.
5. My dogs, Oscar and Tanner.
6. Jentry (just kidding... he is included in #4).*
7. The opportunity to go to BYU and to graduate this coming April!
8. All things sports, but mainly basketball, football, and golf. Oh, and excluding hockey highlights.
9. A good fruit pizza.
10. Lets face it, any pizza (hold the olives).
11. Vanilla Coke.
12. Great neighbors and friends.
*To replace #6 - Either Kraft Mac and Cheese or Double-Stuffed OREOS :)

For the love of 11-12-13, its just great to be bloggin'! Jaren here, OVER and OUT!

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