Monday, December 23, 2013

Merry Christmas! From the Nelson's

Before Christmas, we visited a live Nativity in Draper with Jaren's parents. It was so worth freezing in line for 3 hours! In all the hustle and bustle of Christmastime, I love taking time to ponder the TRUE meaning of Christmas - especially now that I'm older. I'm realizing that someday I'll be a mother, and it will be my pleasure of sharing my testimony of my love for my Savior with my kids. At the end of the Nativity, Mary and Joseph were longingly staring at the most beautiful baby I've ever seen. He was sleeping so peacefully in his manger and the Spirit was so strong! I couldn't help but wonder if that was just a small glimpse of what the shepherds experienced on that sacred, silent night. 
I also love starting new traditions, and visiting a live Nativity scene is definitely on my to-do list for future Christmases! They even had a camel! I loved petting his warm, super soft fur. He was going to town on his dinner - I could feel his crazy chewing all the way to the top of his head.
And one late Sunday night, we visited Temple Square. We may not live in Utah forever, but I sure cherish walking the temple grounds with my (warm) hubby.
Oh you didn't get a Christmas card from us? It's okay. No one did ;) 
But our intentions were good, so when it was snowing BIG flakes one day, we asked our neighbors, Koltyn and Holly, to snap a few pics for us. 90% of them were silly. Jaren was literally about to ring my neck in one of them.. he just *loves* my picture taking obsession. Merry Christmas from the Nelson's!

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