Wednesday, June 3, 2015

9 Months Old! Jun 3

WOW he is growing FAST!!! This is crazy to me. But we love him so much! His little body is adorable and I think he's starting to thin out because he's getting easier to hold these days! 
Crew just seems more and more like a toddler. He's no longer a "baby" or a newborn to me. I hate it! But love that he's learning and growing the way he should!
- 5.17 Eats a lot of "big person" foods like cottage cheese, refried beans, mashed potatoes, and bits of almost anything we eat! 
- Thinks tongue twisters are funny! Especially the Dr. Seuss books. We read the Fox in the Box and he was totally cracking up at the blue goo new glue gooey gooey part. 
- 5.19 crawled like 10 ft chasing Tate's laser with Oliver! We weren't even there to see it! Gma was babysitting so we totally missed the first time he crawled. Devastated!!! But luckily he did it for us that night again. He's on the move, folks! And it's really cute. 
- says dada! even on cue!!! For like a week straight. But now he doesn't do it. haha. He just says dada when he's playing and stuff. 
-  But on 5:29, he was starting to say mamma sorta! Again, I'm not really sure he knows what he's saying but its still way cute. 
- Also.... he's a huge flirt! Like at church or the grocery store or TJ Maxx. He loves girls!! And loves to get their attention somehow and flash his toothy grin and giggle. 
- Speaking of giggle... he's super super silly! Loves playing with dad. 
- messes with his monitor.. drives me nuts! We need to mount it on the wall. 
- does patty cake on command!! This is definitely his best trick. Well, pretty much his only trick haha. 
- sits in the tub all alone! And loves loves loves it. Bath time is his favorite!

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