Monday, August 3, 2015

11 Months Old! Aug 3

How will my baby boy be 1 year old in less than a month??? I swear it just doesn't add up. We are LOVING this fun, playful, silly stage!! He's a great eater, player, and sleeper. What more could I ask for!?!?
11 month highlights:
- 7.6 cried so hard when I went into the garage without him!! He's never done that before. I was super sad that he thought I'd leave him :(
- serious separation anxiety (but it only lasted a few weeks... he's back to normal. I think)
- eats more dog food and treats than Molly
- He is a tease!!!
- Sooo wiggly in church
- fake laughs..
- kisses!!
- LOVES fourwheeling
- likes to be chased!
- definitely looking like a red head these days
- walking along furniture
- 7.27 down to three times a day nursing because he FINALLY took a bottle/sippy cup!
- picks huckleberries off the bush and eats them!!!
- cleans up his toys at night before bedtime
- eats a whole graham cracker all by himself!
- wrestles and plays with dad and Molly
- points sometimes..
- LOVES bath time and swimming!! Went down the big Heise slide with mom and just cried a little but I think he really liked it. He loves the warm pool and chillin in his shaded floaty and talking to all the kids who come up and say hi.
- likes/expects to be tickled right before you leave his room for bed. He smiles as he lays in his crib cuddled up to his woogie and waits for it. Hahahah
- 8.2 finally says/does more!! Pretty much only for grapes tho
- likes to leave little toys in his dad's shoes.. so funny when Jaren finds them!
- 8.3 Down to just nursing at night. Loves his whole milk!

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