Thursday, September 3, 2015

12 Months Old! Sept 3

1 whole year.
This is my last post to complete his monthly updates for the first 12 months of his life. I can't believe it!!! Time has literally flown by, and it makes me so sad to see my little baby growing up. BUT I know I need to get over it because this is a part of life! Doesn't make it any easier though! A few nights ago I bawled to Jaren about how we're losing out little baby and swooned over teeny tiny pictures of his newborn self. SO SAD!!!
We sure love our little guy though, and he is definitely getting SOOOO fun!!!
12 Months Highlights:
- second haircut before our AZ trip
- says "Kassie" clear as day! For a like a week. Then he stopped haha.
- really started talking on our trip to AZ
- fell asleep in his high chair!!! That never happens and hasn't happened since haha
- gives high fives
- oo's and ahh' sat stuff especially the temple and big buildings while pointing
- also loves sports stores because of all the taxidermy. He thinks he's in the zoo....
- turns pages on books and loves reading!! I always find him messing up his bookcase
- likes to crawl under the kitchen table and through all the chairs. Sometimes he gets stuck
- loves motor bikes and big trucks and knows how to make a motor sound!!! Which I did not teach him
- likes to do the stanky leg
- fave toy: old Tylenol syringe
- his excema is getting better with eucerin in baby excema lotion
- learning where his ears and nose are eyes and teeth are. Hasn't got it down tho yet
- First time mom left Crew for a WHOLE DAY! No nights yet.
- 8.27 signed please!! For marshmallows haha
- received a cozy coupe for his bday and sits in it allllll day long! Loves all his bday presents!
- 9.1 down to one big long nap per day. SOMETIMES he'll still do two.
- 9.2 taught himself how to throw balls and he did it over and over!! Cutest thing ever!
- Crew was totally weaned about a week before his bday. Love that whole milk!
- getting pretty good at going up and down stairs! Still needs supervision though, haha.
- now that he's one he has a little 'tude!!! He's getting feisty and it's his way or the highway!

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