Friday, September 2, 2016

18-24 Months

- puts his hand on his heart.. He's heard the national anthem at tooo many basketball games!
- ate some ice cream sandwich (dad gave it to him) in the tub and dropped a piece... Screamed bloody murder when he saw it floating around in the tub!!! He thought it was a bug.
- points to a lot of body parts! Nose, belly, bum, eyes, hair, head, ears, teeth
- has a few fave books that he loves pointing stuff out... His three fave are Little Blue, "the pizza book", and "the monkey book" hahaha
- End of March: went to peurto Penasco, Mexico as a 19 month old!! He learned to talk while we were on our trip. He says everything!!! Water, pizza, pasta, snacks, please, thanks, daddy, mommy, Molly, all our families' names, shoot it, pass, good catch, mm hmm, get down, outside, and lots more!!! He also says hi!! And bye!! Super cute
- throws tantrums and is super grumpy/emotional, especially in a he morning.
- he's going to be a big brother! In October. And points to my belly (or boobs) and says baby
- 4.3 said picture!! When I tried to take a selfie with him hahah
- 4.5 he's been saying "fooffall" for football lately. cracks everyone up. I never want him to grow up/fix this.
- 4.5 went to the dentist for the very first time! He actually did pretty good. I mean, he cried but Mickey Mouse clubhouse distracted him enough to let them clean his teeth. Woot! And he LOVED the tractor he got at the end. He will have to have a frenectomy when he is 3 or 4. Poor kid. Has his moms genes.
- says everything is green or "geen!" As he says it. Hahah
- loves bubbles! Says it perfectly.
- started sleeping with a pillow and blanket in his crib! It's so cute and he loves it! Almost 20 months old.
- 4.17 sustained leaders at stake conference. Said temple too.
- has some cute friends and loves showing off for them. He loves his neighbor madden and all his cousins
- 4.22 said his first prayer! With dad's help of course. Cutest thing on this planet!
- says "k, c-ya!" When saying goodbye haha. And usually gives knuckles and blows kisses. He's not very good at physical contact with people, haha so that's all they're gonna get!! And we're ok with that.
- timeouts. He so sweet and always apologizes to cute it melts my heart!
- he says the prayer... Oh man cuteness overload!!!!
- 5.11 he's so sweet. Today he kept giving my legs hugs and I'd tell him I love him and he'd say, yeah. And walk away. Ahh melt my mamma heart.
- 5:15 Jaren was reading a bedtime story, and I was kinda kissing the back of crews head but didn't think he even noticed. Then crew just looked up and goes, "kiss" hahaha sweetest thing ever!!! Then he wanted to Eskimo kiss and then he had to kiss dad too. He's just the sweet little guy. I never want him to grow up, ever!!!
- 5:15 crew went to nursery today WITHOUT CRYING!! Christmas miracle. Made me so happy.
- 6:16 toddler bed!!!! He was amazing his first night. We'll see how the rest go! He loves his big boy bed (he says that so cute!!)
- he talks and talks and talks our ears off!!!! He's also starting to copy things we say and do. We LOVE him so dang much!!!
- I love when he puts his little finger in from of his nose and says, "I be right back!" And runs off hahaha
- saw a big white wear house and said, "temple!"
- says "that's tute! I love it!"
- "tapkin" for napkin
- "play tars".. Play cars. Oh and all the cars are "dreen" ....aka green

Pics at 22 months!

Crew's dermatology appt visit notes:
He's got a few different diagnoses. Dermatographia - where you scratch his skin and it immidiately reacts and goes red and raised. Releases histamines so Zyrtec or Benadryl at night. I have to use a certain new laundry detergent and a certain new bath soap.. He's also got something called atopic dermatitis that MAY be allergies from molly.... Why his nose runs and why he coughs. Plus the keratosis pilaris, red bumps that Jaren has on his arms. Amlactic from Costco will help but can be really acidy for face.. They gave me a steroid rx and rx hydrocortisone cream for topical use for extra irritated spots. Aquaphor all over (even his little irritated scrotum. Avoid baby powder) after bath every night. Lotion every morning. He might grow out of this when he's a teen, but if not they can remove the red bumps from his face w laser. People with this condition are less likely to get ance.

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