Thursday, March 3, 2016

15-18 Months

Ok, ok I know I've said it before, but THIS IS MY FAVORITE STAGE! haha He's just so much fun. Here's the recap on the last few months, in order:  
- says mommy now!
- has such a good arm
- wanna sing a song? Then he tried to sing I am a child of God. Haha
- taught him about Lehi and he said "hi!"
- folds his arms for prayer sometimes
- goes to nursery at 16 months because of mom and dads demanding callings
- 16 months starts to get clingy!! To mom and dad only. Won't really high five or go to other adults. But he LOVES kids!!!
- says NO like really good... Uh oh
- gives really sensual kisses
- loves to fake cackle.. Sooo funny!
- it's wintertime and his excema is so bad :( trying renew lotion 3x a day. Next we will try apple cider vinegar. Poor guy! His cheeks are always bright red. Doesn't seem to phase him though!
- started to put words together like "a ball" and "catch it" and "shoot it"
- he tries to jump and hop and it's the cutest thing ever!!
- finally starting to sit still while watching tv
- knows where his bum-bum is
- doesn't have to be taken out during sacrament meeting anymore!! We are currently on a no-hall streak. He stays quiet cuz he loves loading the crayons in the crayon box. Such good entertainment haha
- says/repeats mommy and daddy all day long now!!
- wears 2t clothes
- 1.16 I asked him if he popped and he said no and smiled. Then immediately started grunting and going red faced. Hahahaha
- 1.27 belly growled, he noticed it for the first time and laughed cuz he thought it was a fart :)
- he loves when someone knocks on our door! He runs to it waving hi hi hi the whole way! Oh and he always tells Molly to shush when she's barking.. Wonder where he got that...
- 1.28 he loves a show on tv called "dinosaur train" and gets so excited when it comes on ANd "bob the builder"
- 2.4 size 5 diapers at 17 months!! Well for sure at night. He leaks through otherwise!!
- getting soooo smart. He understands everything we say.
- 2:4 he now meows, moos, roars, and barks. Oh and hisses. Haha
- he takes my finger and drags me into the kitchen the cracker cupboard when he wants a snack. Whaaa?!!
- 2:19 loves going outside! Puts his hand on the doornob and waves "bye!" To Molly because that's what we do when we leave the house. So cute!
- took his tray off the high chair and now he just sits right up to the table with us
- 2:21 he threw up for the first time!! And on mom. So sad!
- 2:28 says "Oh no!!" And covers his mouth on scary parts of Disney movies
- says water really well.
- knows exactly what we are saying!!! All the time!!!! He is Sooo much fun!!
- he let me take his 18 months pics and they turned out darling!!! What a happy little guy.

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